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I Love Packages

I Love Packages

Spewed out 16 years ago at 7:56 pm

big thanks to jen over at ejepo for comping me a book from her cool as flash mx can be publisher friends of ed. mack’s crazy non stop barking at the door quickly signifies that there is someone present at my door at 7:30 pm. now what is up with that? who comes knockin on my door at the dinner time (other than the police). so my mom goes out to see who it is and yells out “are you looking for somebody?” and of course she here’s the reply “yes tim!” so she comes and asks me if i’m expecting anyone.

who the heck can i be expecting at this time of night? i’m crossing my fingers hoping it’s not that stupid bitch of a cop that came to my house the previous time and accused me of crimes i did not commit then fled quickly when i defeated her with my wit.

“NO!” i yell back…too lazy to remove myself from the seal i’ve made between my body and my leather chair.

my mom checks to see what they want and apparently they’re delivering a package.

who the fuck delivers a package at 7:30pm? anyways i open the door and sign for the package…and yes it’s delivered by canpar. so me and my moms deduce that it must be because this ladie courier must’ve spent her day doing something else instead of working (perhaps getting her hair done — it did seem rather nice) and was now doing her deliveries on her own time. seriously now..7:30 pm. has anyone ever gotten a package deliver at 7:30pm?

anyways i’m happy now with this Flash MX components all i have to do is read it…and review it on amazon. hahaha THANKs Jen!

Your Shelley Is A Wonderland

Your Shelley Is A Wonderland

Spewed out 16 years, 1 month ago at 10:57 pm

I’d like to announce how wonderful Shelley is. I believe that her ego needs to be inflated for her birthday. Which given the time we only have 48 hours to do so. I know it’s hard work but if we all give her shoutouts and continue to praise her for various good deeds she’s done. Perhaps she’ll loose the humbleness and become egotistical for a day — for her birthday. heheheh.

See it’s all in good fun…then shortly after her birthday all we have to do is insult her here and there to bring her back down to normal Shellyness. Since it’s natural to sling insults in order to make yourself feel better everyone benefts!

In fact we should do this on a regular basis! Choose a new person everyweek to superinflate their ego and then we all reap the benefits when we insult them left and right. See that person would have their super high to compensate for all these insults, and everyone else gets to vent and feel good about themselves.

alright so maybe that’s not such a peachy keen idea. ah well i still say we should make Shelley the Super Shout Out’s girl of whom everyone leaves shout outs for regardless of what day it is. Just cuz she doesn’t let it get to her head =o) *grin*

So anyways on another note..tonight Eric and I worked on our Vegas 02 footage. Trip 1/xx. Soon we will be embarking on Vegas Trip 2/xx. Who knows how many there will be. However know this, there shall be more footage, and one of these days when we have it super compiled into a super reel we’ll have all you superstars over to watch it….but in the meantime you’ll have to wait..and as we finish it we’ll be nice and post it online as well.

until then….

I Blame Sims For My Headache

I Blame Sims For My Headache

Spewed out 16 years, 1 month ago at 3:25 pm

doheth..i have a headache. one of those ones that won’t go away. one of those headaches that you get from sleeping at weird odd hours and getting up at another weird odd hour.

I blame it on sims due to my odd logic. see i just woke up. it’s 3:17 pm thursday. the reason is i went to bed at 5:30 am thursday. and the reason for that was because i was so grossly captivated by the story and passion in enemy at the gates. and the reason for that is because the enemy at the gates dvd was still sealed at 2:00 am thursday and i had to open it. and the reason for that was because i was busy playing ghost recon with eric at 1:00 am thursday. and the reason we were doing that was because we just got home at around 12:30 am thursday. and the reason for that was because we were playing pool with julia, hodge, and duke at 10 pm wednesday. and the reason why we played at 10pm was because we were trying to kill time prior to that at the mall at 7 pm. and the reason for that was because we were waiting to see if noel and jeff would come and play too at 6 pm. and the reason for that was because i was at futureshop browsing and saw enemy at the gates on the top selling charts as well as being only 15 dollars. and the reason why i bought it was due to the fact that it was a movie i only saw a snippet of and that sims glorified by simply stating it was a movie about two snipers and it was very good. and the reason why we were at futureshop browsing was because i was busy having wings at earls a little earlier in the same mall.

so yes all in all…it’s because of sims that this chain of events happened. now due to my warped logic…since sims has caused this headache….perhaps sims will feel guilty and give me a head massage hahah.




Spewed out 16 years, 1 month ago at 3:32 am

Alright I’ve decided to get back into freelancing….so if anyone knows of people that need websites, business cards or any graphic / media related design …. send em my way. i’ll get a new company going soon. perhaps madstatic shall arise again. hahah


Lord Of The Ring

Lord Of The Ring

Spewed out 16 years, 1 month ago at 1:14 am

so i’m no longer the lord of the ring…it’s been almost 4 days now and i still can’t find my ring. inside i’m crying. outside i’ve still got hope i’ll find it. it must be in my house somewhere is what i keep telling myself. or perhaps it’s in your car tim. hmm. still no luck.

so yes i’m not very happy at the moment, i’ve lost my ring. THE reason not to get married. See if you get married have a family etc. It’s okay if you loose your job – “we” can work through it. It’s okay if you loose the keys – “we’ll just cut new ones”. It’s EVEN okay to loose the kids at disneyland. BUT loose the ring and you’re a dead man.

i’ve been through so much with that ring. i even discovered the soap at work is some sort of super ring cleaner. i washed my hands with it once and all of a sudden i was like..who polished my ring?

So yes I’m a size 8 so if anyone would like to purchase me a new ring? I’d treasure it immensely…or i may just not wear it if i dont’ like it hahah. if i’m able to disappear with the ring..then sweet! if not it’s okay.

If you feel sorry for me, you can always donate to me! hahah

i miss you ring.

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