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Spewed out 15 years, 12 months ago at 2:00 am

so watching infomercials tonight…yes i’ve decided that i want financial freedom. i’m a sucker for that sorta ploy..but then again so are many many people…why else would people like tony robbins be so freaking rich? and this other guy who’s telling me i can make tons of dough putting out ads in newspapers. i know how this works…you put out ads offering people a way to make money….and that way is putting out ads and selling that method etc.

hmm i’ve realized i’ve got to find some job that doesn’t tie me down to fulltime hours, offers me benefits (healthcare / rrsp etc) this would allow me to enjoy my life more. i’m sure many of you reading this live this fairly straightforward life if you’re a fulltime worker somewhere…here it is for me.

eg. my typical workshift is 9-10 hours (course i only get treated as if i’m working 8…ah the joys of management / salary pay) i wake up approx 1.5 hours prior to my shifts to get ready. it takes approx 1.5 hours to get home, eat, settle down, remove work from thoughts. ideally you’d like to receive 8 hours of work. let’s do some math here taking the least amount of hours.

9 hour shift + 1.5 hour prep + 1.5 hour wind down + 8 hour daily sleep = 20 hours.

now think about the length of a day … how many hours are in a day? yup that’s right…that leaves about 4 hours to do your own things.

now think about this on our typical wednesday night outtings after work for somepeople…we eat wings we play pool etc etc…that takes up about 4 commute time / wind down time…and you quickly realize you’re cutting into your recommended 8 hours of sleep.

now i know we’re all doing this so this can’t be healthy for any of us…we’re all lacking sleep, we’re all stressed, we get irate, next thing we know we might snap.

20 hours a day is time you can’t touch. typical 5 day work week means you spend 100 hours doing something which is really out of your control. there’s only 168 hours in a week. now subtract the recommended 8 hours sleep for the 2 days off and you only have 152 hours and subtract the hours spent during the week at work and sleeping and that’s 52 hours. that’s the 48 hours (2 days off a week) which leaves 4 hours to split up over the span of the 5 day work week. which means you really only have 48 minutes each day you work in order to truly have 2 days off.

so i’ve done some math and calculated how to truly maintain happiness / balance with your work.

now we’ll work forwards here ( i only say this because i believe we all think backwards right now when we think about work/life).

happiness is first. time to yourself and the ability to do what you want.

168 hours a week is a given.
40 (8×5) is the amount of sleep we should get.
128 hours is left.
now we subtract our 2 FULL days off.
80 hours left.
now here’s where it gets tricky….i’m going to use the value of 8 hours…the length of a typical work shift, the length of recommended sleep, it’s just a perfect time frame to truly get anything accomplished…whether that be work, sleep or most important PLAY. so we’ll allocate 8 hours of play time for the 5 day work week. 40 hours.
80 – 40 = 40

so we have 40 hours…i’ll assume that we no longer need the wind down time since that’s incorporated into that daily 8 hours. we only need to worry about the commute and the prep before hand. so to commute to and from work for the average joe is approximately 1 hour (30 minutes each way) and we’ll assume a 1 hour prep time (shower / brush teeth etc)… so that’s 10 hours of commuting.

40 – 10 = 30 hours.

so ideally all we should be working is 30 hours. spread over a 5 day work week that’s only 6 hour shifts.

so my new goal now is to find a high paying part time job that will give me 30 hours a week ONLY.

i need to find something soon. i think all of you should too, i know there’s many of you who work even more than the typical “40 hour” work week and do 7 days a week or what not 2 jobs etc…kudos to you..i don’t know how you can do it day in and day out without going nuttty.

Do You Bite Your Thumb At Me?

Do You Bite Your Thumb At Me?

Spewed out 16 years ago at 4:55 am

so my entire day was saturated with spending money…it began with an easy morning…was awoken at 10 and couldn’t get back to sleep so decided to just surf the net a bit. then i remembered..i really ought to replace my balding tires seeing as it’s probably not all that safe. as well it’s been qutie a while since i was last in a road check / block.

so adding those two factors together..i figure with my luck i’d be hitting a road check soon at which point in time my tires which are pretty much unfit for driving conditions would be spotted and i would be fined..if i’m lucky or if i’m not…i’ll get towed for being in richmond. sucks.

so i dropped a cool $460 on a set of 4 Dunlop Axiom’s it looked so odd at first when I saw them…perhaps cuz they’re knew and they actually have tread. Anyways I’ve saved my old donuts for which one middle of summer day i shall put them on and use them as race slicks.

anyways after that was done basically wasted time helping eric clean out the van…and after that drove around a bit…called up danielle went to oakridge…chilled there for a bit and tried to abuse an internet kiosk. We found we were conveniently logged into yahoo mail under Albert something something..but danielle prevented us from doing anything..that danielle has such good morals =o)

anyways headed down to atlantis..but not before picking up howie and corinna…it was baby blue sound crew tonight…not bad..some pretty people..and some ugly people…and why are there so many fat white chicks that look like tracy stauffer? i coudl’ve sworn it was her there at the club. before entering we saw lori and her little entourage drive by..but couldn’t locate her in the club afterwards…

it seemed like it was a sc392 / cms103 meeting up in there…

bumped into julian who was totally pissed drunk and of course had to work the next well as jae who hasn’t worked in ages..and christy..who was there Happy Birthday Christy..yes they played in da club..and of course it was shorty’s birthday…too bad boyfriend larry wasn’t there hahah.

oh yeah also bumped into my favourite bikini model elisa..who used to work for us at sport chek but is now off doing better things…definitely good seeing her again…

anyways warning for the picture for the 28th..i figure i’ve already shared so many things about myself with all of you..that i shouldn’t hide the fact that i’m pissed over the stupidity of biting your own lip and havign it turn into a canker sore…or is it a cold sore..i always confuse the two. canker is if it’s inside the mouth and cold is ont he outside right? i always get confused…so yes for the’s me up close and personal..and extremely raw and in pain. don’t click if you don’t want to see.


Back In The Swing

Back In The Swing

Spewed out 16 years ago at 12:53 am

how is everyone doing? well now that i’m getting back used to my internet, i shall be updating my site quite a bit more…

one thing that i’m sure to get up is a timeline photo journal of our most recent trip…

here’s a sampler out of our executive suite at hermosa beach a shot straight out onto the beach.

Hermosa Beach

beauty ain’t it? making you all jealous yet? good. =o) hahah i’m such a bastard.

Why I Hate Telus

Why I Hate Telus

Spewed out 16 years ago at 11:09 pm

so after years of having ADSL and being lost between the cracks between companies i’ve enjoyed the peaceful privacy one gets from not being a subscriber of any company “officially”.

Well that’s all changed..i’ve been forced to use telus’ “VELOCITY” service which is fairly deceiving.
VELOCITY by definition is “Rapidity or speed of motion; swiftness” well this is not. i’m now capped at 1.5 whereas before I had no cap and was constantly ripping everyone off.

to top it off telus velocity forces yourself to register your computers with a mac address on your network card that is UNIQUE. so in theory they CAN monitor exactly who you are and what you’re doing. They also require the installation of a broad jump software which they claim is for diagnostic purposes etc. of course this is all a sham seeing as my firewall did not allow it to perform it’s duty properly and thus telus again forces you to install their adsl service using a direct connection to your computer.

course after i registered everything all i did was cloned my computer onto my router so telus believes that everything is hunky dory and hid all the rest of my computers back behind the firewall.

all in all this is why i hate telus. they fuck you up the ass..then when you think it’s done they fuck you some more. now i’m actually a registered subscriber with a name to an account number…whereas before i was nothing but a small blip on their non existent radar.


Ghost Town

Ghost Town

Spewed out 16 years ago at 9:42 pm

this sucks…i hate using the net at work it’s so slow..hopefully my net should be back up by tomorrow! at which point in time you shall hear from me much more

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