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Wow Makeovers

Wow Makeovers

Spewed out 15 years, 5 months ago at 7:43 pm

the title is strictly in reference to the interface for they’ve done quite the job in revamping the whole thing and making it idiot proof.

anyways it’s been a very long time since i’ve last posted and i’m sure people pass this site by now, but it’s all good it’s full of tidbits of what’s going on lately.

the past little while has been getting better and better…i’ll make it official now.

i’ve put in my 3 weeks at work..yes that’s right…3 weeks. funny thing is — i’m already through week one. 2 more weeks remain, one’s a stat with del on vacation and the other is well..the last week..i can see only good things now.

after that? it’s going to be a quick road trip down the oregon coast, we’ll probably see the sea lion caves, perhaps hit the sand dunes..and little bit of portland.

what’s been happening lately you say? well yesterday we had a huge group outting to go was very fun…

it’s probably the funnest time i’ve had paintballing since all 30 people were people that were seperated by 2 degrees. so basically everyone knew everyone else somehow. it was great! i must say Lori was a trooper…she was all down and dirty the whole way through till the very end.

anyways seeing that it appeared that everyone had test run of this whole group outting thing was a total success…i’m thinking of doing something at the end of july as well…something different…perhaps scootering..and the suggestion of a super formal dinner has been always a constant idea that’s arisen with all the people that were present.

seriously..after high school graduation…when else do you really get to go out for a night on the town fully decked out in formal wear. so perhaps that may be it..perhaps it’ll be a group “field trip” down to the aquarium.


before i forget i should probably blog about danielle’s important “defending her championship” night. i shall be sending an evite out for her in regards to that..i’m determined to help her win…i think you all should be too.

if she wins this one…she’ll get to open for “The Beatnuts”. WATCH OUT NOW!

anyways enough bloggin for now.

oh yes here’s my newest cd it’s my angry mix:

black eyed peas – shut up
tupac – hit ’em up
three days grace – i hate everything about you
nickelback – how you remind me
jay z – can i get a ….
limp bizkit – break stuff
linken park – in the end
matchbox 20 – push
frankie j – don’t wanna try
puddle of mud – she fucking hates me
smashing pumpkins – fuck you (an ode to no one)
third eye blind – how’s it going to be
hole – violet
linken park – pushing me away

A New Look

A New Look

Spewed out 15 years, 5 months ago at 1:49 am

so today i spent working from the wee hours till the early afternoon. it involved a little sewing machine delivery to my grandma who decided to make me some mango pudding..and give me some weird yellow beans to bring home to the parents.

i wonder if they’ll grow me a magic beanstock to reach some giant asian guy or something that’ll give me some special chopsticks? i dunno what sorta chinese fairytales there are…i think the only magic these beans will do is make you go pffffft.

anyways after all this i head home to clean myself up a bit and we decide to walk robson — eric, wai, anita and myself. we all ended up finding some sort of merchandise to purchase except for anita….but i’m sure she’ll find something another time.

apres all this shopping our tummy’s decided we needed some food to quell the raging tides of stomach we headed to granville sushi to down some good ol fish. of course we got the shittiest service in the world cuz that’s just our luck…

after all this we resumed the festivities at hot shot with jen shen, julia, and kevin the NGcredible magician. i must see some of his better stuff…i must say most of the tricks he performed weren’t exactly NGconspicious…ah well every magician needs their practice ground..i suppose we were that.

anyways tis is it for now.

It’s Been Awhile Since The Last While

It’s Been Awhile Since The Last While

Spewed out 15 years, 5 months ago at 10:25 pm

so as i receive a friendly reminder from wai that i haven’t blogged in a seriously long time…i realize that it’s no longer spring and it is summer indeed. which means time for a new design. perhaps it’ll come perhaps it won’ is summer which entails much fun and occupation.

so i’m excited that paintball is coming this saturday…time to shoot some people in the head hahaha.

this road trip to oregon should prove a relaxing escape and undoubtedly fun.

anyways i shall update this as soon as i finish my nap.


Burn Baby Burn

Burn Baby Burn

Spewed out 15 years, 6 months ago at 11:09 pm

wow it’s been so long since my last entry. today i went on a 5 hour climbing/bouldering adventure with dan the man and jonorjames, my first outdoor experience. pretty darned crazy. it was totally fun and it’s amazing what the human body can do.

not only that..but man was i amazed at what i could do! hahah…it definitely helps to have someone there. i’m not talking about for obvious safety reasons..but i mean a lot of the times when you think your arms are shot, your muscles are burning you normally stop. well let’s see with people there constantly coaching/pushing you it’s funny how much extra OOMPF you can give it. i’m sure i’ll be sore tomorrow..i thought i would be sore already..but alas not yet.

anyways after that i wanted to enjoy the sun some more so tried to get some striker going..but unfortunately could not get enough people out for that. so eric and i ended up having another romantic dinner at another greek resturaunt. i think we vowwed we would never do that again..but some how it just ended up being that way again. however it was okay this time…we were chilling out on the patio in the sun and it was very masculine. last time we were seated indoors amongst very green plants, candlelight and we were sharing homous.

so that made it a-ok. after that we ended up hanging out with anita who i met the other night at sonar…we went back to my place so i could take mack to the pisser and then headed downtown for a stroll..after picking up some juice we went for a few quick strides down davie st. so of course we made anita the center of our otherwise male oreo….it’s funny how your environment puts “environmental” innuendos in your descriptions.

i think i best stop…now to redeem myself…”NICE ASS” errr…wait…hmmmm



Spewed out 15 years, 6 months ago at 12:14 am

sorry for the delay fellows and fellowettes….the sweltzer creek pics have finally be resized and you can find my set of pics finally on this site. if you haven’t already, go check out shelley’s set. and of course Aya gets to be the cover girl of this album.

speaking of which we should get Aya and Wai together…just so we can snicker at the chinese meanings of those names when we call out..WAI! AYA! hahaha okay funny for us..not for them.

anyways i’ll soon have pics of danielle’s belly dancing up soon

2 more days till the official afterparty. get ready to get dirrty and rock your body. call myself or eric up for tix. they’re going super fast…be proud of what you’re supporting..all the proceeds from the tix goto the youth millenium project instead of the club so it’s a worthy cause too. something both christina and justin can be proud of.

anyways. that’s it for now

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