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To Appease Shelley

To Appease Shelley

Spewed out 15 years, 8 months ago at 10:36 pm

because i love shelley so much..i felt bad subjecting her to music she’s gotta listen to on repeat…so in vertigo history..the first time ever that a song has only lasted overnight.

it is no longer jagged edge – girls gone wild.

it is now mowett ft. loon – tru rider, the dj three sixteen mix.

and seeing that i’ve got some new audience out there here’s a list as requested of some songs:

drag-on | put your drinks down
3lw | leave (dvr remix)
lene | it’s your duty
lord tariq & peter gunz | where u been
malik yusef ft kanye west & common | wouldn’t you like to ryde
mya ft fabolous | take this (remix)
nodesha | get it while it’s hot
nodesha | sugar buddy
smooth ft jadakiss | lets get it
thalia ft fat joe | i want you
trackmasters ft. ll cool j dutchess | whassup shawty

i think that’s enough for now…riaa might be on your ass for some of those. can’t remmeber which sorry.


Monster Energy Drink

Monster Energy Drink

Spewed out 15 years, 8 months ago at 11:33 pm

wow it’s been extremely long since the last blog on here…reason being?

well we were away in oregon for a very very nice trip…and after i came just hasn’t stopped.

a new job that i am thoroughly enjoying…we play trivial pursuit, perform skits, and dick around half the day..and then take about an hour and a half worth of breaks for the / piss breaks after that…which leaves us with really 2 or 3 hours of real training.

the real training is still entertainingly fun cuz everyone i work with is friggen cool…cept for this one guy that’s a bit of a perfectionist who’s a little too anal and he knows it and you know he’s trying to hold back his analness..quite funny.

anyways on top of that i’m still working at coast.

somehow word has spread around that i’m completely stress free…guess what? I AM! hahah

for the first time in a long time i’m grinning ear to ear. i’m back to my film school days of bliss.

i can sleep minimally yet still be motivated to get up early…eat breakfast, take my vitamins, and go to work EARLY. yup you heard me…i go to work early because i love it there haha.

it’s amazing i’m eating regular meals, breakfast at 7:50 am SHARP … lunch somewhere between 12 and 1 pm , and dinner around 5:30ish and another meal after that. past few days off i try to go out and do outdoor activities that keep me in shape (like climb) and i feel very very’s odd…

i’m totally loving this regular routine…i almost want to work more into my schedule..perhaps daily gym visits or something..i must make use of abbi and sports central.

anyways here’s a teaser pic of the oregon coast.

Back For Mack

Back For Mack

Spewed out 15 years, 8 months ago at 3:32 am

so it is now 3:22 AM and i have just stepped in the door out of a long ass car ride from oregon. yes we are all home now..i was the last drop off. sorry wai i forgot to note the mileage, but what’s important is that you called and got the mileage for your drop off.

anyways i’m tired.

will post again soon with stuff about oregon.

all i have to say is everyone will be jealous heehee

It’s A Wonderful Day In The Neighbourhood

It’s A Wonderful Day In The Neighbourhood

Spewed out 15 years, 8 months ago at 1:29 am

wow today was a strange day…it was very mr. rogers’ish. i once again woke up to the incessant nuissance that is those pesky roof workers. at least today they did not have the chance to see me naked in my room.

next thing i do is i stupidly rub my eye..and all of a sudden *WHAM* i feel this nasty stinging…i get up go to the bathroom and low and behold my eye is super swollen. it’s so swollen around the cornea that it looks like the cornea is cratered in the eyeball….it was so gross. so after an hour worth of washing my eye and putting in eyedrops i was ready to head out.

Anita was kind enough to buy me lunch and we had our little movie day. we nixxed the whole idea of suntanning seeing that i had an extremely sensative eye and it was scorching hot today. so it was “horror” day…we rented “They” from Wes Craven…let’s just say he’s dropped from second rate horror flick king to third rate. even steven seagal is scarier than his movies.

anyways my mom thought it was rather silly that we were home watching a movie when it was sunny…so we took off to starbucks where we got the green tea frapps…exclusive to richmond starbucks.

shortly after we delivered one of these coveted fraps to monsier chan in his cul de sac. headed down town to shop a bit and kill some time. i finally got a new blue pinstripe shirt for an upcoming wedding. i was beginning to think i might have had to purchase one in the states seeing that i was running out of time for finding one. the wedding is the day after we come back so it would’ve been nutty.

eric had a craving for pho so it was time for me to have pho again…that’s the third time this week..but although i didn’t have to much..if we didn’t go to pho…eric’s stomach and craving wouldn’t have been satisfied..and if he weren’t satisfied his head would not have thought of his idea to go to the casino…and if we didnt’ go to the casino i wouldn’t have played roulette..and if i didn’t plya roulette i wouldn’t have won $300.

so in the end..the odd chain of events that made up today…turned out extremely well for me. with a measly $20..i have managed to pay off my car payment for this month…with a bit left over for the upcoming birthday’s.

oh yes i bought bestfriend jen’s present today..but can’t blog about case….she’ll get it soon enough…

anyways time for bed and prepping for another day of work…

later everybody…

Increase Your Girth

Increase Your Girth

Spewed out 15 years, 8 months ago at 2:18 am

“is she satisfied?”
“pleasure your lady”
“satisfy your lover like never before with length your penis”
“rejuvinate your sexlife instant”
“if 14 doctors made it, how can it not work?”
“cure impotence by increasing those erections”

why’s the grammar always so messed up with the engrish in the subject line of all these penis enlargement spams? why am i receiving emails telling me i can fit into that new swimsuit with a few pills a day.

i figure if i reply to all of them and they actually come through for me…

i’d end up with generic viagra for 99cents,
my penis would be perma-erect
i’d be so far from impotent, that i would impregnate people simply by standing beside them.

all of course..whilst looking great in that brand new bikini i bought.

wow the net is truly a wonderful tool..i would’ve never been exposed to such steals / deals without it.

actually i’m suprised that people don’t realize it’s the same way with the shopping channel..however at least with can flip the channel.

anyways back to perusing what other “generic” pills i can get to “enhance” my “quality” of life “guaranteed”.

thanks uncle sam.

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