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Don’t Say Sarah No More

Don’t Say Sarah No More

Spewed out 15 years, 7 months ago at 1:06 am

it’s jsut another day..i’m off to work….

bwahah this song is cracking me up more and more everyday..and it’s all because of all the kiddies at the Wave performance…including eric’s sis..and her boyfriend hahah who by the way sucks at “tough stuff” booyacka!

anyways…today i had a quad espresso for the first’s nuts! the most i normally go is a double shot…but wowzers was i wired..i needed it though…my new trainer is bland as pancakes without syrup.

i ended up acting like such a weirdo.i was tweaking out i’m sure..and somehow i managed to convince a bunch of people in the class to clap above their heads when we clapped for people…

hahah we clapped like monkey’s…it was amusing.

coast was lame as hell, i spent like all shift with this one cusomter and now he wants to only deal with me..funny thing is i’m like..i hardly work here you won’t find me..go to MEC ahhah

whatever..tomorrow i shall embark on some v0 – v5 boulder problems…hopefully i shall conquer..we shall find out..but if they lick ass i shall be top-roping at lighthouse me-thinks.

Wai? Where Are You?

Wai? Where Are You?

Spewed out 15 years, 7 months ago at 12:14 am

hello? wai? where are you? hahah i haven’t seen you in ages…and i’m superbly sore..not to mention i need exercises / stretches to do whilst manning the phones at my new sit down work?

anyways i’m a sore loser … i stole a red skee ball from a kiddy game cuz i lost.


shoot i need to find better material..that’s why i’m no comedian.

but climbing on thursday anyone? jeff? james? dan? anyone else who hasn’t been run over by a scooter?

by the way..the Wave song is a tribute to Sarah..

as well as Anita…Eric’s Sister hahahah who loves the short guitarist dude…cuz he’s so hot right now

First Steps

First Steps

Spewed out 15 years, 7 months ago at 1:21 am

so today was the very first day that i’ve actually taken live calls. they were supposed to be only for calls regarding agent activations…however something was gimpy with the system and we were being routed customer calls, activations, all sorts of crazy stuff.

of course with my luck i end up with some crazy senial lady who wants to get off pay as you go for a monthly plan..of course she’s got horrible credit…but this wasn’t what made the call bad…what made it bad is the fact that i’m almost 100% sure that she was taking a piss whilst we were talking.

i could here the dribbling of liquid going into a toilet bowl..what made it worse was it was in spurts ….EHWWWW

anyways she was stupid as hell too..but *sigh* i have to play nice. oh makes the day pass extremely fast…it’s funny we’re never supposed to disconnect the line..we’re supposed to wait till the other person it’s fun cuz i just keep chatting about stupid stuff and see how long i can keep the guy on the line..hahaha

anyways just making the agents work for their activation commissions haha

hung out with anita after work…ended up grabbing grub from the pita pit…sitting in the park across the street ridiculing the silly adult who was trying to “coach” about 10 little rug rats who were playing soccer. then again he deserved it…he was playing with these kids and he was actually trying….you’re not allowed to do that! he nearly smoked some kid with the ball hahaha.

we decided to take a stroll afterwards…i don’t know how that happened seeing that i normally don’t just take a “walk”…i think it was cuz we were waiting for eric to call back. but anyways i must admit it was nice…that and that fact that we walked past some guy that thought he was a nunchuk wielding ninja. bwahah. he was “performing” in front of the bus about a cry for attention.

anyways after that we took a quick hike in pacific spirit…we were trying to get down the path and soon discovered there was an easier route to the shoreline. ended up going down the stairs and we made it to the nude beach. it’s funny how people are much friendlier when they’re nude.

anyways after all that fun and being foiled by clouds..we headed into starbucks in richmond to grab the exclusive green tea frap and wait for eric. after hobbling in we all went to catch S.W.A.T.

that was pretty much the extent of my day.

on another note i’m quite happy that someone finally killed XANGA with DDOS attacks hahah.

all Xanga has done for the blogging community is what Video did to the Radio star. i’m glad that there were others out there that felt the same…unfortunately this is the case with many other things..they become commercialized and next thing you know what started as a great thing becomes cannibalized. i’m happy that someone has taken things into their own hands and tried to bring things back.

you know what though? it was shut down by DDOS attacks all week…that is seriously WEAK SHIT! for all intents and purposes it’s probably a worm that’s affecting the entire net…that’s just bogged and bouncing off the xanga servers until they couldn’t handle it…xanga is stupid like that. bwahahah…

too all of you in sillicon valley that pointed out the stupidity of xanga back in the day..i’ms ure you’re all laughing now..and KUDOS to you!

what does it really say…when all xanga is doing to resolve the problem is switching ISP’s? they’re running from a problem. instead of trying to fix it. right now they may cure the symptoms..but logic would dictate the smarter option is to cure the problem. … however they’ll never catch on.

i feel sorry for the commercial convenience customers / users who may use xanga…yet at the same time it makes me chuckle that they didn’t research xanga further. just cuz it’s on the net people flock to it like wild geese…adopting it and treating it like a first born, you don’t do this in real life with products..why do it on the net? but in the end it dies..peopel forget it..the next best thing comes along and the cycle begins again. all it is ever remembered for is the bad things..the stupidity of it all..and then everyone denies ever using it…

hahah die XANGA…i’m sure this’ll contribute to the resurgence of the original weblog that we have so affectionately come to have known as the “blog”

xanga claims to be a weblog community, yet charges the users if they wish to add any personal flavour? that goes against the whole crux of the weblog philosophy…i’m just so happy right now haha.

long live the true free standing blog. if xanga does die permanently..i sure hope no one comes out with a replacement.

Clever Limerick

Clever Limerick

Spewed out 15 years, 7 months ago at 12:01 am

Lewinsky and Clinton have shown
What Kaczynski must surely have known,
That an intern is better
Than a bomb in a letter
When deciding how best to be blown.

okay enough fun and games, camping was fun you guys missed out…

especially hodge and warren. things would’ve been great…we feasted like kings! (and queen) mussels, noodles, pasta, chicken, hotdogs…everyone was jealous.

including silly quebecois people who deserved to have their tent filled with exhaust fumes from the adventure van.

anyways aced my exam at work today. i’m quite pleased.

more to come later…

what’s everyoen up to now? i feel so distant.

Tim’s Newspaper Fashion Show

Tim’s Newspaper Fashion Show

Spewed out 15 years, 7 months ago at 11:41 pm

alright guys…i’ve decided i’m gonna run a newspaper fashion show…

send me photos of yourself dressed in some sort of attire constructed of newspaper =o)

you can send it to [email protected]

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