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Spewed out 15 years, 6 months ago at 11:34 pm

crawling in and out of woodwork

just like termites before an earthquake. what am i talking about? well let’s start from the beginning of the weekend. friday night was a classic night out hanging at jive. something that hasn’t been done in awhile with the crowd that was present…

however what i’m referencing is what occured on saturday. the good ol fundraiser for the kelowna firefighters…it was held at the cave (formerly the rage). i was fore-warned by gina-g that the place was a little dirrrty and seriously dirty. yes it was a little dirty it felt like the floors had fresh peeled back carpet so everything was sticky.

but man..did the uglies / skankies / and chumps come crawling out of the woodwork. i have never been to a venue with such a high percentage of oddities. things that were pointed out and of good note were:

– high percentage of skanks
– high percentage of single guys standing around and single girls standing around
– high percentage of ugly people
– high percentage of people that dance like they’re jello struck by a spoon
– low percentage of people that came as a group
– low percentage of people who were overall normal

in the end we all had fun…and why? because we beat the odds of that club. we were the fun. we were the group. we were the party. we definitely weren’t the ugly. so yes..that is why we had people with us that owned the dance floor. the stage. the cages. and even pretty boy noel to solidify the wall flowers. we rocked. you all rocked. and i’m sure we made everyone there jealous hahah. booyeah!

i’m glad everyone had a good time..that’s what it’s alla bout….an uninhibited good time. it was cool how everyone got along with everyone…well…yeah you know.

anyways. enough of that. everyone remember it’s eric’s birthday sat. so start early and wish him a good bday everyday till then. because in order to join in on the chumpage of king asshole over both eric and duke..i must steal eric’s lime light on his birthday hahah…j/k that’d be an ultimate asshole move…hmmmmm



Spewed out 15 years, 6 months ago at 11:06 pm

ever just feel sissy?

it’s funny when you feel like a total sissy of a person. yet at the same time you feel like you’re actually growing up? i think that’s what’s so scary is when you sorta look at yourself and you can say that you’ve learned more and matured more.

when your way of thinking / actions changes so drastically in such a short period of time for you to easily recognize it yourself. okay…so maybe i was a little more oblivious to it, but that’s what friends and other people are point things out to you.

i realized that everyone does change. change is always looked upon in such negative light. it always is. but it naturally happens and when it’s natural it’s called adaptation. people are like chameleon’s..they adapt to those around them..and it’s true you change without realizing. what’s powerful is adaptive reasoning. weighing out change in a concious effort to adapt to the people around you in a way that will impact things in a good and positive way.

enough with that for the time being however. it’s an idea i’m still working out in my head…well the “theory” portion of it at least…once i get it straight you’ll hear me preach it like a mofo =o)

just like any other odd thoeries anyone else might have…it’s always held close and dealt swiftly when the opportunity arises..heheheh.

on another note…plane watching…or plane porn as so many affectionately call it. things always sound bad when you refer to them in a pornographic way. plane watching / spotting is one of them. something about watching bodies shake, rattle, and roll. there’s a voyeuristic nature to it i suppose. something about sitting there on the hood of your car with good company ….

your gaze afixed to the magnificent pieces of machinery roaring over your head and seconds later disappearing onto the ground. the feeling of that warm pocket of air that blows by you … it makes you naturally roll your shoulders forward to shield yourself..yet the feeling is nice enough you tilt your head back to enjoy it. so strange.

i can only taste a small portion of the enjoyment hodge must have when he flies when i stand there watching these things fly one after the other overhead.

or perhaps it’s just the company…or the enjoyment of both. or…you know what i mean.



Spewed out 15 years, 6 months ago at 11:54 pm

it’s a new season

it’s a new season..and that means a new expression. this is how it’s gonna start. it’s gonna change some more before it comes to something finalized. but here it is for now. simplified further now. but just as good as before. and all the little goodies will come back soon…so don’t worry. photos will come back for sure.



Spewed out 15 years, 6 months ago at 2:33 am

couldn’t be said any better than with borrowed expressions of love.

what matters most in this life?

my guess is that it’s probably love. without love, i’m bankrupt. it doesn’t matter what i say, what i believe or what i do.
what does love mean? living the way that love requires us to live. if all the important aspects about life was relationships, then love in life would be to love others as i love myself.

but it’s hard! it runs counter to self-centredness. however when we have the once in a lifetime chance to help someone, we should do it. then maybe they’d just stop playing songs on the radio asking “where is the love?” and instead be playing songs on the radio saying “there is the love!”.

if there was something distinct about me in the way that i live my life, i would hope that others would see me as one who is capabale of loving. love should be our lives’ greatest aim. but why you ask? because love, like hope, and faith last. even mother theresa said “it’s not what you do, but how much love you put into it that matters”.

so in life, if love was the most important thing, the only thing that matters, the only thing that we care about that lasts…then i gues it wouldn’t hurt to just spread a little more love around.



Spewed out 15 years, 6 months ago at 1:20 am

i think it’s a sign of affection when someone wants to kill you.

so i’ve come to the conclusion that it must be some sort of sign of affection when someone wants to kill you in some sort of deranged way. if you’re wondering how i came to this conclusion it all started with a movie called “my sassy girl”. what solidified this thinking of mine was when i returned home to my friend jen showing me her website her hubby came up with most of the artwork there and we got into a conversation.

“he’s going to turn this into a whole flash animation where they can actually kill me….should i be worried?” was what she said.

so i reassured her with “it should be alright..he loves you…it’s out of affection that he wants to kill you. it’s a sign of affection it’s okay”

so yes we came to the conclusion that if you wish to kill’s because you feel comfortable enough around them to expose that side of you. so in some sort of dillusional way, you should take it as a compliment when someone wishes to make an interactive flash animation of killing you…the wife. hahaha

speaking of wife. wai where are you? i need my therapy hahah and i need to give you a new phone.

it still amuses me how when you think of someone..they call. last night everyone i thought of called =o) and thus with all the conversations i had last night i’ve come to another point in my life of grand realization.

over time most people experience life. this involves love, suffering, compassion and an unspeakable drive for something new. often times than not, whilst pursuing with extreme passion for something new you often forget the old. you pass by all that you used to enjoy.

it’s funny because now standing where i am…i’ve rediscovered a love and passion for all the things i used to do and enjoy. the funny thing is now i’m heading towards those things. new things are usually big things. big things that grab your attention.

however, the big things come and go…granted they have big shock value when they’re there, but when they’re gone it’s all the little things that stick around with you and create that sense of value.

i’m glad to say that in recent weeks i’ve had the opportunity to enjoy the little things. to experience again how it feels to enjoy an activity regardless of what it may be, because you’re sharing it in good company.

someone recently told me that the story my eyes tell is a tale of sweetness. i realized how true that was when i saw it someone else. what i wanted so much for myself..i guess i’m finally tasting.

when you blissfully believe in the little things that continually shape your life…then you know that your world is coloured with happiness. regardless of all the big “wowwing” things that may rush your way…they hold no value or importance to you anymore…

..because the biggest things in your life that hold any value are simply locked away….and the key to unleashing them is in all the small things.

i think i’m finally starting to understand how things work…and i’m glad so many of you are along the way to impart little tidbits of knowledge to me.

thanks for baring with me all this time…i know how frustrating it can be…

now the big question that still gets it karma? or is it the secretive booth squatting falun dafa?

in all honesty and in fun…

signing off….

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