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Spewed out 15 years, 1 month ago at 10:50 pm

blog down

so blogger was down yesterday…that sucked.

it was my day of droning happy blogging…like the fact that i got to enjoy another nice evening after work in good company with both mandy and anita.

i must say starbucks, street vendor hotdog, and cheesecake all top it off … i’m intent on making the neglected season of fall an enjoyable one.

it has begun…i’m taking the city life in … now to catch it on film…that’s the next step..i must monopolize the colour of fall and make it work for me as per my portfolio.

anyways i realize i’m probably not making too much sense..and it’s all due to the fact that i finally made it through one hectic week of overtime work everyday…

what were you thinking suki? suki is great..she’s the one that helped me get extra hours…in a suicidal sort of way..i have a feeling i may have a week where i work everyday 10-9…

shelley how did you do it? i remember you used to work your rocky / sc rotation weekly and it was nutty…

anyways looking forward to tomorrow…another year..another halloween scavenger hunt.

let’s leave the police out of the picture this year.

anyways it shall be a wonderful joyous occasion.


anyways enough of that.



Spewed out 15 years, 1 month ago at 11:23 pm

and it starts again

wow it’s amazing how some things just don’t stop or change. what started out as a great week for all of us, has ended with two of my closest friends down and out. how’s this affect me? a lot…i’d like to think of myself as someone who does truly care for their friends..and when you see two of them getting the short end of the stick it really sucks…it really makes you wonder sometimes how things like this happen to wonderful people.

yes i might be in one of those moods as well, i lost something of great value the other day..but strangely enough i’m coping with it. maybe it’s cuz i can’t let myself feel the way i did at one point in time. at the same time it’s also looking at things with a jaded perspective i suppose.

bad things like this tend to happen due to the fact that there’s many people out there that just don’t like where they are in their lives..and because of that can’t stand to see when others are. you can’t blame them…it’s just human nature. misery loves company.

and then there’s just bad things that started out bad…and because someone cared enough to give it a chance..they’re being taken advantage of. i don’t think it’s right. and that’s about all i have to say…it just ain’t right.

things like this really shouldn’t happen to people that are this good. granted things are never fair in life, but there are some things which should be just left alone. it all leads back to one thing…”if you have nothing good to say..don’t say a thing.”

nothing gives you the right to ever tamper in someone elses life…or control it for that matter.

i’m saddened to say the least that good people always somehow get taken advantage of and walked over. it’s just like at any work place. the good people get all the work, used, abused, and neglected. unfortunately this has carried over to day to day life.

but now that everyone’s on ground zero…there’s only one thing that you can do. when you’re lying on the ground you can only look up…and everything looks grand from a worm’s eye view. it only gets better from here boys and girls.

tomorrow is the start to a new week…live it out…live it grand.



Spewed out 15 years, 1 month ago at 11:42 pm

riding through

a realist can be a dreamer.

a dreamer can never cease to dream, yet a realist can cease to be real.

there’s something un-nerving about the fact that reality is based on our dreams. a collective merging and groupig of cognitive, imaginitive, and hope.

the fact that much of what is real is based on what isn’t really there.

hope, belief, faith, imagination, optimism, are all tools of a dreamer. yet in the end for the dreamer the reality lies in perception. the perception that their mind has processed based on the things around them. events, objects, reactions, distractions.

as odd and peculiar as dreams may be, i think everyone of us finds solace in our dreams. we bend our worlds to accomodate our dreams, turning them into our reality.

adaptation, accomodation, confrontation, is the essence of integration. the integration of extravegance into our lives.

as long as we continue to be able to do this…we thrive in happiness. the moment an outside influence causes us to feel like we’re losing this ability, we lose it too.

don’t let your dreams overtake your reality, however never stop dreaming and living them. dreams perfectly contradict themself. that is the beauty. they give you hope and they keep you grounded.

they’re wonderful…so don’t ever stop dreaming.

it’s a beautiful thing.



Spewed out 15 years, 2 months ago at 11:33 pm


wow i made it through the whole 10-9 Overtime work days i had on tuesday and wednesday…i’m wasn’t as bad as i thought except for tuesday when i had this nutty nutty headache of a call that literally gave me a headache….

luckily i was brought some advil…

anyways today’s day off was a fun filled day that started off on the right foot …. that’s right…. pesto and artichoke pizza from nat’s! mmmm… that’s how everyday should should roll out of bed right into a steaming hot piece of pesto and artichoke pizza from nat’s.

anyways after starting off the day with some pizza and starbucks…ended up dropping by to visit sue and joy at the ol DQ. apparently everyone that used to work there is now all of a sudden pregnant. yes how’s that work? i dunno maybe it’s something to do with the ice cream.

anyways on the way out of the DQ doors who else do i bump into but Josh? hahah man kits is a funny community…tha’ts for sure…

anyways got my oil changed today..long long overdue..the guy was even making fun of it looking like diesel oil…good thing i got that done, i also ran massive errands today, stopped by the bank to work out some things with my mutal funds and rrsps….went to ikea, went to home outfitters, got new shower curtains…

yeah all i ended up doing today was errands and revamping the bathroom and my room a bit…

i got a little distracted in the bathroom though…. here’s what ended up happening…

100 candles later, 20 minutes of attempting to light them, burnt finger tips, and lots of photographs later…..

boy i have no life..hahah it looks freaking cool though!



Spewed out 15 years, 2 months ago at 11:37 am

done disappearing.

so i’ve done disappearing for the so called weekend. another enjoyable time away from it “all”. however now i have an empty house and 1 dog to take care of for 2 1/2 weeks. time to be responsible i suppose.

not to mention i’ve got 2 days of overtime work this week…it’s gonna be nutty but definitely worth it…i’m only working three days this week but luckily with the OT it’ll pan out to be about the same.

argh i actually have to buy groceries now…my parents before leaving decided that since i probably won’t be eating much at home..that the food will go bad and so they tossed most of the fridge…. now i have to replenish the ingredients that were sitting in the fridge so that i can actually have a meal. i still have to figure out if it’s cheaper to just go out for food instead of getting things to make food…cuz everytime i get groceries some how with the same amount my mom uses to get a week’s worth..i only get 2 days worth of food out of it.

i think i gotta learn to start clipping coupons or something…. bahhh

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