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Spewed out 15 years, 3 months ago at 9:55 pm

chips ahoy…what happened to that boy?

don’t tell me. i don’t want to know what happened to that boy. if mj the kop had his way with mr. christie’s golden boy and that’s the reason why he’s in all this trouble…i definitely don’t want to know.

as quick as all this stuff came….everyone’s trying to place blame. too bad bruce lee isn’t around to play this game of death. nobody wants to have their last breath. a little cryptic you may say. you’ll understand this all someday. most people think in rhymes, whilst the rest think of crimes. are your dreams in colour? or does your jealousy make them duller?

did i get my foot caught between the rails somewhere along the way? and why wasn’t o fortuna playing in the background whilst i tried to free myself from the trap? did you ever love crushing pennies on the track? but then find that the track was so far away….

missing that feeling of when the train roars by and the air rushes past you so fast that it sucks the breath out of you…and for a moment your brain is gasping for a thought…you drop to your knees and you wonder how long it’ll be till you get another chance…

pick up your feet…walk back to the park bench and seat yourself in anticipation. the day when the fog clears and a silhouette comes walking through the cloud and takes you by the hand and leads you down the track…is the day you’ll finally get to think about it again.

should of been a better circumstance. could’ve happened differently. perhaps under different light.

maybe if you could set it all up in pure hollywood perfection, your thoughts would come together and mesh together as a cohesive unit.

seems like stirring up the cup a little much has left it to spill in a sticky mess leaving a cup ring on that perfect teak wood table…

had me thinking like a donkey, wacky and wonky wanting some chocolate from the factory. wish i didn’t trip at the door and spill my milk.

at least it’s not as difficult as stringing christmas lights, i wonder what sort of light sculptures you could make if your eyes had a delayed exposure.

i should’ve realized the moment i stood still to take a breather would be the moment i’d realize a little too much. someone spin the wheel again and see where it lands this time. perhaps luck be a lady tonight, but look where that got frankie boy.

lower my bills, flock to the beebop. dance a little to the melodious stupidity. it’s going to be the revival of the sock hop. diners and chevy’s, bistros and empty kegs.

don’t want any of it. someone sort this out…someone decipher how it all goes…life shouldn’t be so complicated…

stop hurting, so i can stop hurting. stop thinking so i can stop thinking. stop talking so i can stop talking. stop walking so i can catch up. take a seat mr brady.

come a little closer. i wanna see you over here. it’s a little darker. tell me why my tea biscuits say “maria” all over them? it makes no sense to me. not much does right now.

everything that is so simple is so complicated. mr christie should save the world. nutrition is over rated.

i’m gonna move a little more. jump a little more. shake things up a little more. maybe things will fall into place and make sense in my brain. toss and turn. let it all burn.

warped and bloodshot. just another thought. a brain clot. answers being sought. struggles being fought. lessons being taught. letting good things rot. culprits being caught. sleeping on a cot. keeping things simple.



Spewed out 15 years, 4 months ago at 11:50 pm

no more satisfaction

that’s right..there’s no more satisfaction in the simplicity of the winter design. my creative spirits have been rekindled. i shall work dilligently at coming out with something a little more flavourful …

something that’ll make myself drool…now that’s a difficult task haha

anyways expect to see something different coming soon


on a different note…salmon primevera is pretty good at white spot..i’m quite suprised.. i used to think of white spot as “that place” to eat…where your apres meal is probably accompanied with a keeling over of another senior citizen.

i must say that it was quite enjoyable and i finished off the nite with a brief stroll in the snowy trails of cypress…snow is great…snow sasquatches are better…not to mention adidas campus ii’s have no grip…nor do my adidas harmony’s

bwah. snow is great though. people with xenon high beams suck still. what brings you to turn them on, on a highway filled with millions of other vehicles? it’s not like you’re on a rural road.

anyways…snow is coming..and with that so is a new design.

mr. burns – “transmission out”



Spewed out 15 years, 4 months ago at 10:56 pm


so today was another nice laid back day…

ended up going for brunch at cactus club…good ol teriyaki rice bowl…and noodle bowls..and coffee.

and do i work out? bwahahah “not anymore…” “oh you look like you do”

bwahahha oh boy…why does this happen? i’m glad it only happens around people that are close enough that can laugh this sorta stuff off…

oh shame…dignity however is different.

there was no excuse for that.

bwah. more coffee please.

and 2 spoons please.





Spewed out 15 years, 4 months ago at 10:36 pm

remembering remembrance day

so today was a day i spent getting paid a lot. that was my only motivation for working today. it was funny i think i could count all the people in the call centre on two sets of hands today.

half the other dept’s don’t work so we had to do their job for today…i’m glad i don’t have to do it on a daily basis..trying to save customers? it’s basically taking it up the ass and pleading them to stay..that’s basically the job.


oh wells i got paid well…better than forzani that’s for sure…

it was mandy’s mom’s bday so had to drop by and say the whole happy birthday thingy of course…and of course according to mom’s i grew again…i can’t stress enough that i stopped growing in gr. 10

anyways…watched the matrix revolutions…it’s not as bad as most people say it is i must say…

ah well not much else going on…working another nutty day tomorrow…but i’m sure fun will ensue afterwards



Spewed out 15 years, 4 months ago at 12:09 am

we conquer!

that’s was another awesome day. frigidly cold again. (perhaps this has a corelation?) anyways i must thank Ash for swapping shifts with me for without it today would not be the day it was.

like the title suggests…we conquered everything that could possibly be conquered in one day without breaking a sweat. that’s right it was our glutton bowl today. started out with dim sum in the morning…which led on to some mild shopping with which i picked up a magnificent new sweater from R Dub Yo. It was another all over the lower mainland day today with super scenic intakes here and there. From that it led on to white rock where anita and i finally chased down the infamous JAL. it was simply ground breaking..awe inspiring and damned cold =o)

i don’t think weather matters all that much when you’re surrounded by natural beauty. the place you’re at, the person you’re with, the sights you’re taking in, the animals around you…the only thing that mattered at that point was the fact that you can’t capture the beauty with your camera if you don’t have the battery for the camera.

discovered that empty freight containers on a passing train make the scenery look like those animated flip books. not to mention someone needs to repaint the white rock white again.

from white rock it was a continuation of the glutton … on to wings wednesdays at earls! tally ho! after building another boned fortress it was on to watching a movie … rented “america’s sweethearts” and chilled to that for a bit…

it was a little early to continue on to the last leg of the glutton bowl which consisted of the four food groups… cheese, cake, straw and berries…so we decided to take a quick boot around town…

of course it just wouldn’t be the same without a super scenic diversion…so off to cypress it was…where once again we chased down the other infamous JAL. JAL just plaques us. However we did practice killing someone up at cypress…and blaming it on the sasquatch…the key is to freeze in headlights like deer. no one will be the wiser.

after taking in the frigid air…it was time to hit the cheesecake…accompanied perfectly with a cheesecake song and earl grey with honey and lemon… an excellent end to a *modestly* filled day of great fun and company.

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