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Spewed out 15 years, 2 months ago at 10:58 pm


i wonder if wai caught the 2 hour replaying of the first 2 episodes or what not of SG-1 ahhah

anyways i found it rather humours today when a customer started saying “tim you’re starting to make me angry”
it’s entertaining for me to find ways to piss off a customer whilst maintain full composure and just by stating simple facts so that i’m not actually doing anything wrong. i wish people listened in because it’s amazing how some customers make themselves sound so stupid.

“would i be so stupid as to pay double my price plan for the past year? don’t you think i would be on a price plan that gives me the minutes i’d use?”

“um sir, you’ve been on the same price plan here since 2 years ago actually and all your useage is detailed on your monthly invoices, so i mean for the past 2 years you can see exactly what you’ve been paying and how many minutes you’ve gone over, the onus is on you to call in and switch your price plan if you wanted to”

“so are you saying i’m stupid? because why would i be so stupid as to be paying for double my price plan?”

“no sir i’m not saying you’re stupid. i’m just saying that nothing has changed on your account for the past 2 years, you’ve always had the same thing”

“so you’re saying i’m stupid?”

“no sir i don’t think you’re stupid, but it appears you’re intent on saying that yourself.”

“i’d like to speak with your manager to get this fixed”

“sure no problem, they have access to the same information and will tell you the same thing, but if you’d like to speak with them that’s fine.”


hahah if you’re so intent on making a fool of yourself go right ahead…some people.




Spewed out 15 years, 2 months ago at 1:00 am


picture this you’re driving along in bc. you see a middle aged asian male at the stop light beside you. you do a double take. he’s sucking a lollipop. you do a triple take he’s doing this inside an infiniti g35 coupe. you do a quadruple take as he drives off leaving you at a green light in awe as you spot the “yukon” license plate.

how bizarre. just like the song by OMC.

first off all analyze this:

middle aged asian male sucking a lollipop … wtf?
someone sucking a sticky sugary lollipop on soft supple heated leather seats in a g35 … wtf?
g35 belonging to someone from yukon … wtf?

nothing pans out properly. how tragic. how bizarre.

i must give a shoutout to el dukeage for his birthday bonanza that i unfortunately could not make. he’s mr. bizarre himself.

he alone can bend time and space
to create rhythm and rhyme in your face.

so happy booyeah to duke.



Spewed out 15 years, 2 months ago at 12:45 am

gung hay atchoo!

so chinese new years has passed and i must say the first time in many years i actually got A red pocket from my mom stupid thing is i think i got it because my best friend was around and she got one from my mom and my mom happened to see me walk by…. WTF?!?

i swear i’m the neglected one…i can’t complain it’s the most i’ve ever gotten in my life in red pocket..a nice crisp $20 however 5 seconds later I put that together with some of my other hard earned cash and made a car payment. *poof* gone.

am i bitter? maybe just a bit. sometimes i wonder what sort of lesson my parents are trying to teach me. i mean i’m freaking 22 and will be 23 this year. i think i’ve paid my dues as a child. i’ve learned my lessons. i look around and it seems everyone around me has some how managed to be in a family where the parents give em gifts or if it’s dysfunctional try to buy their love.

i could live with that. being spoiled or having my parents lack of affection compensated with monetary items. no alas i’ve had to learn that money doesn’t come easy and that i’ve got to work hard for what i want. don’t get me wrong i’m thankful that i’ve never had anything really given to me other than the necessities. it’s taught me a lot and makes me laugh when i think of what will happen to some people i know who’ve had everything handed to them.


enough of the lesson..can’t i for once just be spoiled? buy me a house? a car? new clothes even?

i mean i’m proud that everything i own i’ve paid for or am still paying for myself. it’s mine…but honestly….all this ownership has left me in a place where financially i wish i weren’t. how am i supposed to become a millionaire at 35?

with the way things are going…i suppose i could finally have my car paid off in approx 3 more years…and if i’m dilligent with my savings have enough to place a down payment on my first home.

however now that i think of it..that puts me back to square one..i’d be paying off a house at that point in time i’d be in debt again..i don’t want that..i want to be filthy rich living happily without having to worry about paying off anything…just enjoying.

if someone has a good get rich quick scheme or scam please let me know =o) i’d love to have my tuition / car / house all paid off in the next 10 years.

that’s all i’m asking for…

hope no strangers read this…probably think i’m some sorta stingy griping money hungry asshole … maybe i am *grin*



Spewed out 15 years, 2 months ago at 12:48 am

waking life

talk about a mind trip. if anyone’s watched waking life they’ll know what i mean. definitely an interesting idea “are we sleep-walking through our waking state or wake-walking through our dreams?”

it hinges on the whole idea of whether or not we’re truly living. alive and dreaming or dead and remembering? it never ends.

it’s crazy i tell you…just pure utter craziness my head was and still is fried. all i can do is babble and foam at the mouth. any other required thoughts end in a void.

that’s about it. watch it if you haven’t.



Spewed out 15 years, 2 months ago at 12:34 am

it’s all a sham

so today was a nice day. a nice day to just lay back and relax.

… wait a minute … that’s like every day off i get. scratch what i just wrote.

so after a year and a half i finally decided to replace my cracked headphones, i put my sony giftcard to great use. i would have preferred to buy a nice pair of audio technica phones but sony’s nice and cheap and when it comes to gift cards… that is something you must settle with.

i realized i have absolutely no control over my body. it awakes when it wants, and when i attempt to tell it to go back to sleep it tells me “screw you” or it’ll play along and give me my way … i’ll get to sleep for another hour … but when i awake again it’s my body that’s laughing “haha you slept for an hour but that sleep was useless you’re not any more rested than you were an hour ago MUAHAHA”

yes and now my body is laughing at me because i’ve been trying to go to sleep instead. i’m at the mercy of my biological workings. stupid body.

so as part of my daily ponderings, once again i come across the same musings. why is it so difficult for people to realize it’s okay to just speak their intentions. it’s okay to say “no” when someone asks you for something. it’s okay to say “i don’t want to”. it’s okay to not want to do something. because of this we end up with lethal doses of uncertainty. everyone’s on pause because of everyone’s actions and reactions. it’s never a “yes i want to” or “no i don’t” it’s a “i’ll think about it”.

where does that get us? we all know it means “no” if you wanted to it would be “yes” why can’t you just make it clear? things would be simpler, faster, and you’d have more time in your day to enjoy everything.

i think i’ve found the answer…people are retardedly selfish. it’s the whole “i’m not comitting to anything until the last minute when i have to.”

i suppose this is a natural urge, however you would expect in this day and age people realizing the value of being opinionated and decisive.

i guess that’s what is seperating so many people into their own little cliques.

on another note…

it’s funny how fake reputation travels so much farther than the real thing. i suppose it’s the whole fabricated reputation sounds so much grander. i noticed this at work, it’s funny how some people just know your name. the administrative assistant that gives you that knowing nod and wink. “what?” is all you can think. you know what they’re hinting at. your reputation exceeds so far that it’s wrapped back around the curvature of time and is now tapping you on the shoulder. but what exactly is your reputation? no one says, you certainly don’t know, no one else seems to know either….however…people know. *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge* know what i mean? it’s as clear as the ambiguous drink that seems to pour forth from the water cooler that never runs out by “bob’s” desk.

know what i mean? see you at the meeting bob *wink*

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