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Spewed out 15 years, 1 month ago at 1:06 am

a new sickness a new beginning

so i’ve been sick. the flu maybe. body aches, snotty nose, cold sweats, nausea, dizziness, laziness, headaches. whatever it is sickness makes you loopy. either that or the medication. in all the wackiness and psychedelic coloured dreams and fantasies you come up with the newest and the brightest ideas.

i’ve got a few. i think i may just be delerious enough to follow through with em this time. changes in ideals. a new leaf perhaps. it’ll be a perfect launching. regardless lately things have been loaded with all sorts of oddity.

i went in to work today and i found out i actually won a new phone. wow me..won something. hahaha.

you know what the most hilarious action scene ever is? when bruce lee rips some chest hair off chuck norris…how great is that?

anyways as you can all tell by now…i’m sick and tired of this new design. it takes too much effort to maintain and add to, i’ve got to find a pleasing medium. for the time being it’ll stay the same.

but a new beginning is coming around the corner



Spewed out 15 years, 1 month ago at 11:27 pm

pain is the precursor to change

you think you’re just an innocent dove?
can’t make it on your own, gotta ride someone’s ass.
think all you need is a rubber glove;
get away with it, if you do it with sass?

you’re mistaken if that’s what you think.
pretty soon they’ll get sick of stringing along.
you’re balancing a fine line standing on the brink.
you’re too naive to realize what’s wrong.
gambling with this silly game.
to you it’s nothing more than reality.
without a single realization of how it’s lame.
so sad that this is your true personality.

your multi-lingual mentality.
is nothing more than pure brutality.
stop screwing those around you that invest
you take advantage and manipulate their best

better off without your stain
far less drama and far less pain
that’s right you’re better off alone
like alice deejay but in monotone

~ zap ~



Spewed out 15 years, 1 month ago at 1:20 am

estoy jugoso

you are: fake. ignorant. selfish. notorious. foul. stupid. bitchy. retarded. illogical. fucked. careless. spoiled. scandalous. stammering. evil. unjust. scheming. manipulative. fussy. stubborn. hypocritical. fickle. materialistic. mundane. slack-jawed.

tired of: handling. caring. trying. being. expressing. slaving. supporting. entertaining.

will be: walking. leaving. stopping. distant. unattentive. departing. empty. droning.

if you want to you can start to: realize. apologize. grow. move. sacrifice. commit. listen. change. reveal. mature. enlighten. care.

but it seems like you’re just going to continue to: rot. fizzle. die. age. deplete. lose.

it’s going to be: your loss. not mine. you fall. i walk. you look. i’m gone. you cry. i’m deaf.



Spewed out 15 years, 1 month ago at 1:15 am

on hold. in queue. now serving.

isn’t this the story of how our lives go? you get placed on hold for everything. told you’re in a priority queue. by the time you get served…you already GOT served. now you can’t remember what you’re in line for.

everything is so inconsistent. it’s something i love and i hate. i must say i got into the most intriquing conversations today. one after another. it’s great that i’m surrounded by people who have something interesting going on or at least to talk about.

who needs desmond morris to stammer on about the human animal when we can discover it ourselves. a certain friend and i decided to hate our respective opposite sex. who’s into playing games? it’s ridiculous. honestly it is.

a certain other person and i went off on a nice tangent, yes that’s right “welcome to assholeville. population: US”

it’s refreshing when you hear through the grapevine that someone you haven’t had contact for in years…upon hearing about you compliments you … i only wish i were as “incredibly creative” as i was back then. it’s slowly coming back i suppose. what is creativity. an inkling of thought brought to life by someone who claims to have “created” it? no one can truly create…unless you’re god. everything’s already there it’s just taking those things and arranging them in some sort of way, utilizing them in another, and displaying them in yet antoher.

i realized that some people will never understand the whole pain is pleasure aspect. the lulling effect it has when it slowly becomes a droning repetition that creates this haze that turns into a relaxing laziness that you soon dwell in. it’s the whole baby and heartbeat syndrome. you get used to it. you learn to embrace and love it. it’s inherently imbedded in all of us. i suppose that’s why i repeatedly watch myself and friends walk into painful situations with utter disregard of everyone’s warnings.

some say it takes faith and hope. you can dream it that way….or you can live it as acceptance and numbness. it’s all about choices. it’s all about how you spin it. it’s all about keeping the faith and remembering what you got placed on hold for in the first place. remembering why you’re still in a priority queue. remembering that when you get served, you should definitely take something away with you.

… in the end you’re not as clever as you think, if you’re left holding the kitchen sink.

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