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Spewed out 14 years, 10 months ago at 1:53 am

khong guan

biscuits are good. specially if they’re orange cream or lemon cream.

there are other biscuits that i crave…

my craving for true cajun food has not subsided. it’s been nearly 7 years i need to return. for some culture. some food. some friends.

anyways this will be the last bit for a while… i’ll see you all on the flip side of the world.



Spewed out 14 years, 10 months ago at 11:19 am

orkut orfoot

stay away from it’s supposed to be the new “friendster” and it’s invite only..but don’t be sucks massive monkey kaka. not only is it a crappily run site..but it’s like gmail..another google project that has this tiny disclosure thing in the agreement so they basically have rights to anything you post or write or what not in there…



Spewed out 14 years, 10 months ago at 1:49 am

angel from my nightmare

it’s been a few days. it’s going to be a few more. this week has been off to a great start, if you consider sunday the start of the week *grin*.

joyce is home and that’s always fun….she’s like an angel from my nightmare *grin* i know to some of you that read this…that’ll stick it to yah. then again you’re the ones that lurk and read this in utter jealousy and disbelief, without a clue how real people function.

…then there’s the people out there who read my blog and don’t give a rats ass….and to you…my real friends…i’m blessed…hahah =o)

so yes sunday was most excellent. monday was a great work day. monday’s are made for work. anyone not working a monday knows the horrible feeling of being utterly useless. it just doesn’t feel right not working on a monday.

tuesday has now flown by considerably quickly and i’m sure that the rest of the week as well.

may is a most interesting month. it always seems to be a crazed month. it’s a packed month that’s perfectly balanced…i love balance as much as i hate it, how ironic that that statement in itself get’s itself no where. one step forward and one step back.

i’m happy because HW made a suprise change in plans and is now home for the summer instead of away. you can’t stay away for two summers in a row ever again. this will result in more happy days. she also brings me great insight as to how i know “that waitress” that said i looked familiar to her…

now i just gotta figure out that other waitress “jenny” from red’s and how she knows me…this goes back to the eric and howie days of yonder hahah…psshaw like that extra onion ring coupon would bring me back hahaha

who else has resurfaced…oh yes serena…the babe from my wonder years and who i’ll probably see till my yonder years…how do people find me? am i that easy to get a hold of?

but all this goodness comes in balance..and what’s balancing it out is the fact that i’m broke. yup car insurance time of the year. tattoo time of the year. and why are charity functions always this time of the year too?

oh in case some of you don’t know i’m taking part in a charity run so if anyone wishes to donate anything that’d be goes to bc children’s… if not that’s cool too..i have no shame in being the no donations collected guy =o)

one thing that’s been peeving me lately is people’s manners and etiquette..but that’ll be for another blog hahaha

in the time being i’m going to enjoy and relax.



Spewed out 14 years, 10 months ago at 1:36 am

free for all

i’d like to believe the cops are out there to protect you and serve the city. but it’s strange how it works..

my friend who’s trying to get a harassment issue taken care of is having the greatest difficulty having cops take any action…

yet tonight on the way home from the beach not more than 1 minute away a mini cooper cuts me off…fine..i’m just coasting behind him and apparently he called 911 and apparently “lucky we were in the area” says the officer.

so when his younger partner asked me what i was doing i said i was heading home. then mr sheriff of the town then proceeds to ask why i was riding the guy’s ass..and i told him i wasn’t..i was driving a long and he pulled out in front of me..

“so you were riding his ass”

i’m minding my own business just trying to get home..and so of course i kinda stutter trying to put up some defensive statement…

“look there’s two of them in that car and just you in yours…”

so i admit defeat..

“well i mean i was just heading home…and he pulled out in front of me..i mean i guess that would put me on his ass, i meani wasn’t tr”

interrupted again… makes me get out of my car..standthere like a felon hands out of your pocket.

grills me on why i’m not hangng out in richmond

“i was hanging out with some friends her..”

cuts me off.

“where do you work?”

“rogers wireless”

takes my license / registration walks over to the other car grills them on why they’re down here and is an ass about it too tells emt he beach closes at 11 they must say they didn’t know cuz he’s like there’s signs posted everywhere…askes them where he works…must say he goes to school cuz he asks them if they read signs and if they teach them english at sfu, he must say he’s taken econ..cuz the cop states he must know cost evaluation then….and is an ass about “is it worht the cost of a ticket for you to be down here at the beach?”

anyways his younger partner is a little nicer just keeps his mouth shut..asks me if my friends are still down there i reply yes…reminds me the beaches close at 11 … i assure him i’ll rememeber that the next time and tell him i was there prior to 10 and of course he interrupts to say it don’t matter…yadda yadda

in the end the sheriff yells at me to get out of HIS town and get back to richmond..that he’s put my plates in his computer that runs this program where if my plates come up the rest of the night he’d visit me and charge me with mischief…tells me don’t be angry..just get on your way…so i walk back to my car i’m putting my registration papers away and my license back in my wallet and he yells at me to get going…yeash i can’t even put that back away? what gives?


this ist he second time this has happened to me…where i was just minding my own business when some dumb fuck decides to call the cops cuz they think i’m doing something i’m not?

and with the way things were going with big boi looks like he got a reaming for making the call i hope there’s a lesson learned there..keep the 911 line for proper emergencies…


screwed up…

i just wanted to get home out of the cold and into a warm bed.

runs my plates.

tells me that the beaches close at 11 i shouldn’t be down there..



Spewed out 14 years, 10 months ago at 11:40 pm

soda shop pop

so finally got the new layout up and running, the travel map is still under heavy development so it might not respond the way it should…hopefully most of it works though…just cleaning up this webserver…over the 2.5 years this site has occupied this space..let’s just say there’s a lot of useless junk lying around …

anyways hopefully everything looks god and is working..there will be some minor tweaks here and there…all the photographs will be moving to a new section…

my mind is occupied with other things instead of this site’s design so i can’t think of anything else to say aobut the layout…

however i must say i am flat broke…for reasons partially out of my control…but whatever that should be taken care of shortly…in the meantime i think i’m going to be too busy to celebrate my birthday anywhere near my actual birthday this year… so haha keep an eye out for a combined birthday extravaganza…possibly with wai’s..and maybe someone else’s in june hahah

i must thank everyone of you though who have celebrated with me in the past…i used to despise my birthday…hated the thought of anyone knowing when it was..just’d always get fubarred..but i must say what everyone’s done to make it fun for me for the past 3 years has got me out wearily out of that shell and actually looking forward to chalking up another line on my age…

anyways have fun playing around on this site..i plan on adding silly games that i’ll be making in flash ahhaahahah

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