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Spewed out 14 years, 3 months ago at 1:47 am

to broadcast depth

so today i called in sick for work…i couldn’t help it…the weekend had caught up with me. all this non-stop action. at least i ended that week and brought in this new week with a pleasant conversation.

anyways so i spent today tweaking this and tweaking that. i’ve finally got the webcam running. YEAH! peace out a-town! haha. had to resort to reformatting, but then again my comp was gimped slow…note to everyone out there running XP avoid SP2 update till they fix that’s such a crock.

so let’s see now that i’ve had this thing running HW’s had the privilege of spying on me big brother style…

whilst kathy and danielle got to see my geek antics expressed in gleeful joy when we got the dual cams going…i found it rather dorkish and amusing that kathy had to kill her connection due to her brother yelling at her for laggin his with her webcam heheheh..

little does my dad know i lag our connection cuz of my webcam and the gigs of movies i dload hahah hahhaha…time to buy more bandwidth pops.

as of right now me and danielle are making erotic gestures with our food a la american pie webcam styles…hope no one else is watching this broadcast hahah

anyways…back to the fun! webcam style shall soon be on the webpage too heee hee and will be my doggy cam



Spewed out 14 years, 3 months ago at 2:08 am


as in literary compilation…not the break down of food. today was a relatively smooth running day cept for me running out of steam.

it was hannah’s wedding. quite nice i might add, except for the fact that weddings mean you always bump into people you haven’t seen in ages which results in the non-stop catching up small talk on your way to the door. any attempts at making a bee line for the door at the end of the ceremony was thwarted by social obligation.

there was never such a thing when you were a child. (or for that matter when you qualify as a senior) remember when days were simple brutal honesty? i don’t wish to speak with you. i just wanna go nappy time. no those days are over..there’s respect and dignity and all that other hoopla that goes on…

yes so i had to strain my brain to keep my consciousness in charge of my speech instead of the subconscious. dah…

anyways it was nice to see some old faces…like denise and her brother aaron, dan the man, jon chia and of all people kevin from high school! it was quite amusing when you discover all these people who you never knew were inter connected. i thought friendster was a damning tanglement of people? well i suppose weddings are the live versions.

the banquet was nice..although a little slow progressing with the food as we were all very hungry not to mention tired…i must say one of the quieter weddings i’ve ever been to…and i’ve lost count a few years ago.

luckily was seated at a table full of people that were quite personable, so no problems keeping occupied it was balanced just right…enough get to know the person banter balanced with enough quiet time to eat and just enjoy the joyous union of two people…

anyways i returned home attempted to pass out due to my lack of rest, but was too restless and thus have just finished watching jersey girl for which i thought would be my rememdy. unfortunatley it has resulted in this blog as my remedy now…at least hopefully.

i must say jersey girl is quite a good movie…kevin smith definitely does not disappoint and comes through once again, a definite throwback to the chasing amy days. complete with the allstar kevin smith cameo cast for the “in the know” head knod…good ol jason lee & matt damon. *mint*

i need to bail myself out…googleplex! night



Spewed out 14 years, 3 months ago at 4:34 am


so today was rather packed. or last minute however you’d like. ended up bouncing over the border for a little hollister action and ivars…yes…bellis is still always has been and always will’s all just for the drive and that’s about it….stop off at silver reef then returned to canadian tire…

where i proceeded to purchase the gifts from the gift registry…no of course this had to be far more complicated than necessary. the gift registry computer of course did not function properly…so whatever i figure i know what the gift is i’ll just buy it and go tell the cashier. well of course the cashier is unable to process this without the gift regisry # which they can’t look up at the computer.

so they have to call someone who knows how to use the gift registry computer…which happens to only be the manager…so 5 minutes of waiting later a younger version of dan tyndall PHD comes strolling out…”maybe if you want to come back in 5 minutes i’ll reboot this computer and it will work” … i have absolutely no respect for him…partially because he reminds me of dan tyndall, and partially because he exhibits numerous qualities related to all my pet peeves….i respond by simply standing around with my hands crossed in disapproval.

he quickly reboots.. *get this – a pocket pc* which powers this whole damned thing…tries to print it a few times and finally gets it apparently all i have to do is bring it up along with the gift they scan the barcode off the paper and i’m good to go…

but alas! the store registry is the current one and the web version which i had looked at previously must not be in sync because someone has already purchased the gift i had in mind…so on to purchasing 2 other gifts from the list…bring it up…

cashier of course has a hard time getting it working..and so eric chimes in…”i think he said you just have to scan the barcode”…with which the girl replies she’s just checking to make sure we got the right gifts…

*okay* you think i would have a copy of the registry from which i located these gifts and somehow decided to pull ones off the shelf randomly? anyways finally get it all purchased and so i walk away with which she asks me if i want to keep the registry….

i think the job application for canadian tire has only one question on it…. “do you reside in canada?”

anyways so i get dropped off at home where my mom whips up a quick dinner for me and i proceed to wrap these boxes dilligently…i manage to get a quick game of grand theft auto in before my dad who decides to watch asks me why i’m kicking a dead man lying in his own pool of blood repeatedly if he’s clearly dead…

it’s always best not to reply to such a question…i quickly shut off the playstation…and head out for plush…to enjoy the audible delicacy of mizthang’s thang…other than that … plaza is bunk.

but i did bump into some unexpected guests….like doris who i haven’t seen in ages..probably not since the last time we bumped into each other when we discovered her boyfriend was friends with a coworker of mine…then i bumped into emmy who was there because her friend works with danielle.

i found it quite funny when doris said she was there for her friends birthday…i had to ask who…since the huge ass club only had about 100 people in it…all of which could easily be accounted for belonging to either one group of friends or another…we soon found out doris was supposed to be at “the plaza club” not “the plaza” hahah…

we all leave this place and arrive at where else but the cambie wonton noodle house….for the usual combo meal and round table discussion of various intellectual matters….we decided to disect all our dating habits…unfortunatley somewhere along the way we got lost in the “j” section … then le got sidetracked, we demanded bobby get down on his knees, howie counted on his fingers, and i decide to spill hot tea all over myself and the table and floor…all this without really skipping a beat…

then in comes a pack of wildebeast…for which we all unanimously decide “BILL PLEASE!?!” we then cruise on down to the new casino as neither le nor danielle have seen it yet…or was it just le? oh well whatever reason we decided to go is not important..what is important is that we all went…

we discovered this important help line 1 888 377 6111 – they’ll help you with your troubles.

anyways after all this i’m finally back home…getting ready to sleep a bit..before i have to awake for the wedding…time to whip out the clean and crisps…

night everybody.



Spewed out 14 years, 3 months ago at 2:50 pm

heart of a dragon

so yesterday was such a painful day of work. a massive lack of sleep resulted in a very catatonic persona post lunch break. good ol’ food coma. anyways ended up fighting off a migraine for the enter day, talk about drugged up. i took my horse pill vitamins in the morn, a tylenol in the morn, and extra strength in the evening, but you know what? none of that helped. i still had a massive headache…

went over to jorge’s after just to chill with eric, howie and duke and that’s when i finally found relief. a little bit of wine, and a little bit of muscle relaxant….made the headache go away…not to mention we all watched spartacus..err spartan with kilmer. who’s batman by the way and ice cold. haha.

anyways today is my last minute shop for a wedding present day…i know what i’m picking’s just a matter of picking it up. anyways as if you can’t tell by now i’ve been taking every opportunity given to me to run yes…today i embark to hollister and ivars for some relief…

tonight? it’s going to be another support mizthang rally at plush…hit her up for info…



Spewed out 14 years, 3 months ago at 3:46 am

hear me tonight

so another drone of a day. wake up. brush teeth. drink water. take vitamins. take dog out. check mail. pay bill. go to work.

then it all came together…wang chun wangs wednesdays came together. met up with wai after work at the spa…too bad no time to actually get anything done…oh well there’s plenty of time to wind down in the future. had a gossip catch up session…

so i’m losing my wife…possibly she’ll be moving to williams lake. oh wells i’m backup anyways haha. wings went off without a hitch so to speak…i built the usual jenga of bones. then was bus driver and drop off the kiddies.

stopped by danielle’s to catch up on a flick…Hotel..haha it’s fubar but it’s good…one for the vault. had my camera with me so did a bit of photo whoring before the batteries went dead. so i’ll be working on adding her to the project…

tomorrow is another battle to wake up for work. i’m going a little delirious..i’ve been trying to fill my time to keep my mind occupied with other things…i’m enjoying the busy body lifestyle it’s all good for the time being.

don’t forget to come out this friday to plush for another mizthang performance…

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