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Spewed out 14 years, 4 months ago at 1:03 am


well i’m finally go toronto a little delayed but in good spirits literally sitting on the downtown shuttle. I’m enjoying the ability to photo blog from my phone as well as this regular blogging 45 more minutes till i get picked up by HW at the delta chelsea Yay!



Spewed out 14 years, 5 months ago at 12:09 pm


even though i’m delayed i’m considering this the best flight deal i’ve had the other passengers stopping in edmonton have been off loaded and this flight is going straight to toronto with only 3 passengers including myself and everything is free! Nice seats personal dvd player!



Spewed out 14 years, 5 months ago at 10:59 am

freezing fog?!

i no longer like edmonton the stupid fog is preventing our flight from leaving so annoying the weather is



Spewed out 14 years, 5 months ago at 5:09 am

getting on a jetplane

i love jets. i love jetsgo. i love flying. i love being away from home. i love being a visitor. i love meeting up with friends. i love getting lost. i love exploring. i love travel woes and hiccups. i love navigating. i love it all.

another nice run away from vancouver. this is becoming more and more common. i might as well be visiting vancouver. i wanna be a nomad. nomads are cool. i love nomads.

it’s freaking early in the morning…i’m writing rubbish.

gah! anyways..first stop…EDMONTON!



Spewed out 14 years, 5 months ago at 7:56 pm

at the end of the world

google has done it again, they’re making everything more searchable, check it out…i think google is the antichrist. yet i still use em to search the web because there just isn’t any comparison to they’re brute force in returning relevant results.

i remember when altavista was the king. then again back then netscape was the browser king until microsoft made their invasion.

why i bother concerning myself with google is a question that even i can’t answer.

drove by one of those cheesy church signs..i think my sis and i share the same opinion on them…they’re lame and if i didn’t believe in god i think i’d go running…you know i’ve never had a probelm with god…it’s always been church. i believe in god, but i have little faith in how the church works sometimes…

speaking of my sister, she got into a motorcylce accident with my bro-in-law…luckily nothing too bad…laceration to the knee fixed with some stiches and some road rash…but man my grandma likes to make big stories from small occurances..

for awhile i thought something horrible happened…then my sis called and explained everything…although she is walking with the aid of a cane..she’s definitely not all cut open with her brains spilling out into her helmet.

so i’m going to be leaving for TO and NY pretty a few days exactly…in the meanwhile i’m hooked on bejewelled…all because of HW…a few years late..but oh well..that is one addicting game.

some of you on my msn list have crazy high scores! challenge!

speaking of HW…i had the most interesting discussion. i’m sure everyone will share her side of what is appropriate / inappropriate behaviour.

take the following…

i’m so happy i’ll spit on you. i’m so excited i’ll pee all over you. i like you so i’m gonna pull your hair and kick you in the shins.

all this is acceptable behaviour in a pre-school / kindergarten environment. why have we given up these rights? the right to express positive emotions in some of the most primative ways? because we’ve grown out of the caveman / cavewoman existince?

i say it’s time for a throwback…there’s nothing like being so excited that you jump up and down and piss yourself. ralph from the simpsons is a prime example…”why’s everyone running away from me?” as piss soaks his pants.

okay that’s a lost idea…scratch that haha

my stream of conciousness is all over the map. i think it can only mean one thing. we’re at the end of the world. carry on armageddon! carry on!

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