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Spewed out 14 years, 5 months ago at 1:17 am


i figure it’d do me a world of good to catch up on things. i seem to be a little behind. for example i’ve had this gst cheque sitting here clamped to my “rogers” note holder clippy thing…more rogers propaganda in the form of a “cool” trinket haha.

shoot maybe i shouldn’t have wrote that..what if someone from rogers reads my blog and decides to can me? haha i’m scared ever since reading this blog my cousin sent me haha.

bloggin got joyce park canned from her job at friendster….then again i’m not bloggin about unreleased info…it’s pretty much in open news that Fido is being purchased by Rogers. I think i mentioned that to my tatt artist a little before it was public though..but hey that was by a few hours..and i think mentioned the telus hostile bid way back in june or jul…

oh whatever…speaking of tatts, after months of searching i’ve found a font that’ll work well for my tatt…i’ve decided on the ITC Kabel Book style.. the glyphs are simple enough to allow room for seepage over the years so it won’t look like shit when i get old..and “light” enough to maintain the fluidity of the overall design.

i shall continue that upon my return from my trip. on top of that i received a phone call from icbc took them so many months to finally call me back. the other party that i was bitching about a few months ago that knicked my rear bumper hasn’t shown up for any of their appointments so they’re pinning full responsibility on them.

so when i return from my trip i shall get my vehicle repaired i presume.

when in new york i think i shall do as new yorkers. munch on pizza pie. swear like a mofo. go clubbing. repeat. haha j/k. i must get another photo of myself in front of macy’s like my photo from back in the day pimping grandma, gma’s sis, and mom hahaha.

so i forgot who i was discussing with…but i think guy’s hate faux-mo females as much as girls hate guys that whisper sweet bullshit nothings. wait a minute…there was no need to define “females” in relation to faux-mo’s any male that would decide on faking being homosexual is probably homosexual. haha.

yes girls that fake the lesbianism / bi-sexual tendancies to increase their appeal to males. that’s a rather annoying nuisance. sad thing is it works. it works on the brainless guys. it annoys the shit out of guys who can think. the same goes the other way around. girls fall for the bullshit nothings….however it’s the ones with brain matter that see through it all.

i should organize a winter formal for sick of faux-mo males and sick of bullshit nothings females … i think they would hit it off..and i would be a filthy rich mutha.

regardless i’m glad everything is finally settled down for me. however this is me still….*hiding behind a rock with eyes peeking out* *whispers* “i’m free of drama” *knocking on a cedar tree*…give it another few months and i’ll yell that from the mountain top haha



Spewed out 14 years, 5 months ago at 5:13 pm

punch and taper

there’s been new strides. that’s right a couple of guys have pretty much perfected the punch and taper technique for surface piercings. i got excited with the tygon straps…then here i was thinking a surface bar was the greatest invention to come along…now i’m glad that the longer i’m waiting the more advances these people seem to be making…

great thing?! Tom Brazda & Brian Decker, two of the three pioneers…are situated in toronto and nyc….i may have to pay a visit on my trip….time permitting of course.

the amount of effort and research that goes into this, sometimes i respect these people more than doctors. most doctors just practice what they’re taught….what they know is what someone else researched….

these guys…they have to deal with both research and practice..perfecting it along the way. quite respectable i must say…not to mention i’m sure they run into their share of various snags along the way.

another thing to add to my list of things to do on my trip….which is coming up quite quickly…

i’m trying to sell some of my stuff…like my cell phones…and other stuff i don’t have time to use…keep your eye out for that



Spewed out 14 years, 5 months ago at 6:47 pm

custard or pudding

i need the following.

a grande caramel macchiato
kozy shack pudding
a massage
infinite hot water supply for a shower



Spewed out 14 years, 5 months ago at 11:57 pm

put your gimp mask back on

some people wait for you to fall, i just want you to have it all. i thought i found it all, but i keep realizing i can’t fall into that.

thinking i know what the reaction will be is having expectations. i certainly didn’t expect the misunderstandings, the reactions, the way of thinking that i discover to be so foreign from mine.

this place is so crazy, sometimes so empty. take away the sugar and spice and there’s nothing nice about it. maybe i should put my gimp mask back on.

i can’t expect the understanding if i can’t understand myself. i can’t understand the expectations if i can’t expect myself. maybe things will never be so clear. maybe i must be filled with fear.

the yearning for all the confusion to disappear. perhaps i’ll never get out of holding back. it’s like sakin. protect your mind (for the love of a princess) circa 1999. cafe del mar.

being upset with me is just fine. everyone needs to regulate their breathing. living in a world underwater. testing the waters before jumping in i suppose.

sinking into the comfort of fluffy down blankets. it’s so easy to wrap yourself in silence. resting your head on a pillow of calm.

it doesn’t feel justified sometimes. apologies that seem to be thrown. there is the greater hudsucker proxy. let’s blame it on that. i don’t want to discover that it’s not.

a motorcade escort off the edge. rejected without value. response without consideration. because once it’s past, it’s just okay. i suppose i should learn that.

it’s okay.

…that’s it. that’s exactly it…

it’s okay.



Spewed out 14 years, 5 months ago at 11:29 am


so i’m in the process of migrating my blog over to movable type. since it’ll be based on my own server i’ll have far more control over how it works. no more of this silly multipage archives etc…but i suppose only the geek at hearts will appreciate that…for the rest there won’t be much of a visual difference. haha.

on other notes…who the heck needs cable when there’s SnowPortion’s Power Internet TV .. it lets you share your channels…tv channels that is worldwide…YAY i can watch quirky shows from JAPAN or germany, or anywhere..hahah

i’m loving it…

if anyone knows where i can find episodes of “SKIN” yes that discontinued show about the porn mogul vs the DA and their romeo / juliet story of their kids … i’d like to watch the other 9 episodes that were made but never aired.

anyways still chuggin along…new job is working out quite more pesky customers hahha WHOOPPEEE

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