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shit. rudeness is a bitch. a bitch that bites with wicked fury that clouds over everything, your judgement, your sight, everything. (de la soul – keeping the faith)

they should re-introduce etiquette classes into elementary…i had them so i’m sure many others did as well. i’m sure it’s not taught anymore however just look at all the little peon’s running around stepping on everyone’s toes sending jilting anger through your nerves…

maybe i’m being uber sensative it just seems i’m surrounded by people full of qualities i don’t exactly find appealing…like all the S.O.B’s at work…

no not son of a bitch…but soap opera bitches/bastards… usually the 30 something single female with no life, so thus must live through their daily dose of soap opera whether fulfilled through reality tv shows, co-workers or celeb gossip.

they exhibit typical qualities. they are proud to be “cougars”. they think they’re hot. they think they’ve got what every guy wants. they understand all of life’s problems. they have a solution to a problem that you didn’t involve them in.

they’re just a walking contradiction. they’re the complete opposite of what they believe they are. if they’re so hot and got everything, looks, intellect, life figured out…then why the fuck are they single when they so yearn to be attached to hot property males?

it’s all the result of messed up education of the masses. if anyone read the province today there’s an article blasting prince charles for some comments he made.

i tend to side with him. he said something to the effect that he’s tired of seeing how education these days keeps churning out people that think they can achieve more than they technically have the skill to or the natural ability. everyone’s coming out thinking they can be movie stars, celebrities, big shots, etc. some people do and should be recognized by the simple fact is there’s so many that can’t.

it’s the result of an education system that’s afraid to tell someone they’ve “failed” at doing something, all this positive is churning out seriously misguided people.

the critics blast prince charles for being a simpleton himself so how can he speak of others like this? well thing is, the people that normally criticize are the ones who fall in the group that “can’t” the ones that can’t perform or have natural ability.


anyways…things have just been frustrating today…who knows what it is..a combination of the dismal weather, work being busy, dealing with various people all day…i guess everything’s balanced…

equal amount of good happened today to balance things out i guess

i had more of my calls monitored and i’m doing well. not to mention i made it to work on time today. got in a run with kaila. it’s all good.


shit why can’t the world just balance out…*sigh* heaven.

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