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Holy Carp Manbat

this is my rant on ICBC’s inability to resolve anything in a timely manner.

the situation all started back end of july sometime when i had parked my car downtown to enjoy a nice apres work meal with joyce, jin, and a few others at milestones. everything was well, i had a good parking spot we had the nice patio seating right on robson.

of course all is not well when i return to my car to discover a nasty napkin that (most likely was previously wrapped around a hot dog) under my wiper. i take a look and there it is “VW 611 BHN”…

great…so i look around my car and all that joking about someone knicking my car during the meal comes true…there’s minor paint chips on my vehicle.

i report it to ICBC the next day and they promptly take all the details, I even advise them i’m not sure who left the note or if it’s accurate…they inform that’s fine just bring your car in and we’ll take a look…

i meet my adjustor…christine lee…she fits the stereotypical “christine lee, age 30, single, asian”…she does not fail to fit the stereotype i have developed. yes she’s the over eager must prove myself in the male dominated corporate i’m overcompensating.

i have no issues with women that do well … they usually are the ones with the exceptional drive and memorable smile … the GREAT personality and character.

it’s the ones that want to be that but are unable to and make up with being overly bitchy instead….

anyways the evaluator takes a look at my car photographs, measurements etc… and deems yes indeed the points of impact match up with a vw rabbit of 1986 which is what the license plate matches..

good i think at least we’ve got the right i’m instructed to wait before doing any repairs just to be safe because they must contact the other party first.

then end of october rolls around..i finally get a call from christine informing me the other party never showed all responsibility is on them therefore they are at full fault i don’t have to pay my deductable…about time…

so i’m informed she’ll be mailing me a letter and all i’ll have to do is bring it in…great.

i visit hi-light (where if you all remember from when i first got my car is where i got my rear-ended bumper replaced the first time)…they quickly inform me that ICBC has failed to provide me with the repair sheet… GREAT!!! good going christine..

so quick phone call from thai at hi-light to icbc and short request is supposed to result in an immediate fax copy to the shop..but of course it doesn’t come through…another 3 attempts with the last being on the phone with christine…still nothing…

i waste 2 hours at the shop only to be directed away …

so my car is still not fixed and we’re running up on 5 months since this mishap happened…great to see that “a timely manner” does not exist in the vocabulary of ICBC…


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