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Bizarro World Here I Come

Bizarro World Here I Come

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let’s see it’s been awhile since the last entries. since then it’s been a bizzaro world.

all around me i feel like i’m in another world. last weds my mom gets me to take kaila to school…something doesn’t seem quite right when i arrive…no matter it’s about kaila … and being trained…

then it all makes sense..the instructor: “welcome to women and their dogs, i’m glad you could all make it…”

i look at my mom…she doesn’t hear a thing. i think this is the same trait that prevents my mom from understanding lyrics in a song. actually no it’s not cuz now that i think about it about 90% of people out there don’t listen to the lyrics of a song…just look at all the people who “love” that new song on the charts that’s utter crap….k that’s another rant.

anyways it’s okay because “family members” are welcome haha…the class is split there’s all the women/girls who have their cutesy little novelty dogs and then there’s the ones with the big protection dogs…


anyways from that it goes on to my vehicle i bring it in..and of course after all these delays i’m finally getting it fixed…but..they gave me an echo hatchback…argh…this thing is freaking tiny…

then of course the week has run it’s course of crazy ex boyfriends who are trying to reunite with my friends because they’re getting fucking old and feel the need to marry…oh yeah that’s gonna miraculously happen…sheesh.

then there’s just the normal list of crazy’s littering the globe…who have their various shares of ego, self esteem problems and issues.

ah well…i’m content with where i am and where my life is…..and after this reverts back to normal…i’m officially developing agoraphobia…

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