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Spewed out 14 years, 1 month ago at 10:45 am

new releases

so i find out that apple is releasing a U2 special edition ipod, not to mention you can purchase the entire U2 collection plus some unreleased tracks as a “digital” box set for $150!! nutty… cept i still like the concept of a tangible box set.

and not to mention the release of the photo ipod, the idea is wicked! someone buy me both! christmas is coming!

so i was sitting around with HW when i came up with another ultimate conversation stopper. i’ll have to add this to my collection….

right now the most common one no matter how old it gets is my bathroom one…so many opportunities especially at restaurants…come back from bathroom and casualy drop the line…”amazing how much time you save when you don’t wash your hands…”

this new one is much better i think..but there’s less opportunity to use goes something like this (i have yet to perfect it..not enough opportunity to try it out) so here it is…”i’ve been playing with this GREAT new game!” *pause an appropriate amount of time* “it’s called my penis”.

anyways that’s enough for now.



Spewed out 14 years, 1 month ago at 10:34 pm

last time you fall on me for anything

i’m having a blast being away from home. i think this is the first trip that’s taken me to another part of canada in many many years. i’m discovering how exciting toronto can be as well as how similar all large cities are.

new york was a blast, but i’ll be the first to say some people hype it up to epic proportions. i think if you’re from a big city to begin with it’s really a minor adjustment to get used to.

i was greeted at the delta chelsea by HW and boy was i happy to see her. after the long delay with the jetsgo jet and confusion between the “aiport express” shuttle bus and the “shuttle bus” airport shuttle i finally made it.

a little tired and a little sore from the bus seats, it was a nice feeling to be brought “home” settling in was nice and i got my second wind as soon as i dumped the luggage.

we went to fran’s for some late eats, club sandwich with home fries. nothing extraordinary..but then again those that know me probably aren’t too suprised with the club sandwich selection.

after re-packing my bag with both our stuff…HW and i headed back to the airport for a quick flight into nyc. upon arrival we had to cab it into the city…but you know me and line ups haha…there was a dude that offered to drive us for $35…i figured it was like other places where these guys weren’t properly licensed..but hey i’ve done it before..and for the minor difference in price it was worth not having to wait in a huge queue for a taxi.

we arrived at tammy’s and after fumbling with some keys found our way into her empty appartment. unloaded and headed back out to times square..just a stone throw away…we walked around taking in the lights and what not…popped in and out of various shops here and there…and of course had to experience the nyc pizza…

things we did in nyc? shopping on 5th ave, strolling through central park, empire state building, shopping in soho, chinatown, edges of the village, and a short bounce into brooklyn. celebrating halloween at a halloween “costume” party at the supper club. (slim jim costume rox0r’s, skanky school girl / cop / nurse/ bunnies sux0rs) eating some crazy chicken + rice from a street vendor with a 30 minute line-up…

all sorts of crazy…

now i’m back in t dot spending some quality time soaking up the environment and of course HW’s company…

many more postings to come…i’m loving it!

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