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Spewed out 14 years, 3 months ago at 7:15 pm


tis the season to act like scrooge. did i mention i’m not too fond of christmas? no it’s not the festivities and what’s the crowd, the overwhelming sense of debt, and other disproportionate acts of selfless-ness. dah.

i’m poor. so only family got prezzies this year….and of course the girl.

i’ve been behind in updates it seems … this will all fix itself come the new year. (didn’t i say this last year too with the site? and the year before?)

nevermind that.

anyways hope everyone is having a good time.



Spewed out 14 years, 3 months ago at 9:43 pm


this is purely a “bitching” blog. in regards to escalators…what gives with those things? why the heck is it that every escalator has the freaking handrail portion moving at a faster speed than the part you stand on?

was it too difficult to connect that part to the same motor that rotates the stair portion of it so that it’ll all go at the same speed?

maybe they made the handrail go faster to encourage people to descend it faster? but hey the escalator is so you can be a lazy mofo and just stand as it moves you..if i wanted to walk there’s regular stairs.

not only is it useless for those that stand you’re constantly having to readjust your hand hold…or take a step down.

not only is this a nuissance this is also dangerous. working in close proximity of the mall i have seen many incidents that could have been avoided. like many senior citizens who need the escalator to ease such a descent…they already have a hard enough time timing their footsteps to land on the escalator…

now they no longer have a solid hand support for them to hold onto properly…sure they grab on to the railing and WHOOSH! next thing you know their upper body is riding the rail down whilst their feet are still planted at the top as their body slowly descents to a position that’s parallel to the ground and their now doing some crazy escalator yoga on the way down … maybe it’s just me but grannies seem to be able to maintain this near horizontal position down the escaltor recovering only after they are left lying face down at the bottom… talk about grannies with abs of steel!

the old gramps aren’t as fit it seems…often falling to their knees…

but maybe this is the reason why they do it? and maybe there’s cameras out there to watch this all happen? maybe they’re the same people who flip the switch at casinos to make the slots pour out for the seniors to compensate for this cruelty?

who knows..

is it too much to ask for synchronized hand rails?



Spewed out 14 years, 3 months ago at 6:31 pm

public eye

ever get fucked by your postings on a website? it seems like round two is occuring again. i post what i post. i read what i read. i do what i do. in the ever growing mass of the internet you would think you could be yourself. you find like minded people in an online community, only for it to be infiltrated and ripped apart by someone who doesn’t understand.

isn’t that how these online communities start up? for easy access to people with the same interests? and i suppose that you lose your individuality when you start contributing and being associated with it…

apparently i must share the same thought as all others that are present. regardless of who thinks what thinks you thinks me thinks it’s now one common collective.

i no longer have my identity. i no longer have my own brain to process things with.

yup getting narc’d for what exists in a common body…for appreciating something i shouldn’t. for liking something i shouldn’t.

someone make me disappear into the mainstream so i can figure out what i CAN be, CAN like, CAN do, and when the mainstream shifts my way i’m supposed to not even think “hypocrates”. course i’m lucky if this is the case. most of the time it doesn’t swing that way.

and again it’s not swinging. guilty by association.

i’m used to people taking parts of what they know and coming to a conclusion. come on everyone does that, it’s just natural. we need to create a bigger picture whether it’s true or not.

what sucks is when someone knows everything and can see every part that composes you and still comes to the same conclusion as someone who’s only seen one part of you…

public talk. private thought. argh.

this public deviant is taking a hiatus



Spewed out 14 years, 3 months ago at 8:20 pm

must get out

christmas. yes i don’t particularly like this season. i’ve constantly been provided reasons to not be too fond of it…this year things shall be different. i’m gonna get out of it.

i’m gonna turn into a recluse. this seems to be a common topic doesn’t it? it may come into practice…(anyone got new year’s plans by the way?)

so any how what have i been up to since the last post? well finished my tattoo..trevor rocks as usual…him along with david copperfield could turn me gay with their mad skills in the respective fields. (yes that >.

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