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Spewed out 14 years, 2 months ago at 8:04 pm

snow rant

haha nothing like the annual snow rant. the one filled with mockery…

stupid girls out in their stilettos and miniskirts keeping “warm” with a fluffy TnA jacket OOOh sooo warm! hahah…slipping on their asses trying to grab attention in front of various downtown establishments..and for the other few just walking the streets…

then there’s the dummies in their 4×4’s once again 4 wheel drive is awful nice for accelerating…and getting a move on….but it doesn’t mean you can stop any better…

ah well i shall continue to watch all the idiots navigating the streets and sidewalks of vancouver.



Spewed out 14 years, 2 months ago at 8:12 am

off to a rough start

how can you tell the rest of the world is off to a rough start? you’re surfing a website and McDonald’s has a banner advertisement….yes that’s right McDicks has now resorted to advertising online!?!

On another note, my 365 project linked above is now fully operational and updated with holiday season photos for all those days missing from december…



Spewed out 14 years, 2 months ago at 9:18 pm


welcome to the new year. here come my non-resolution resolutions. i’m in the process for applying for school. you see i’ve reached that point where i realize i haven’t used my education from film school..

what does that mean? more school or the leap into the proper more of this rogers junk.

so…i’m applying to ryerson’s image arts – film studies and image arts – photography programs…i’d like to get in…if i do..that’s what i’ll be doing..

if not..i’m definitely doing a change in jobs..and i think i must sacrifice pay at this point in time to achieve something that i’m happy with.

that’s pretty much it for this year. stay tuned.

not to jlo’s get right though…argh wonderful beat…horrible jlo..another disturbed production from jlo..

anyways… ciara on the other hand…also not the best but at least the girl can dance..although her latest vid 1,2 step is a total throwback to mj’s thriller style..but her voice ain’t too bad..for an 18 y/o

definitely better than ashanti…but still a lot to work on..

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