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foggy dew

so it’s foggy out today. the morons come out in masses. let’s see i nearly get plowed into by some idiot who apparently can’t see me.

then there’s the chump who’s spraying his windshield with windshield fluid as if the fog is just a dirty stain on his windshield..or maybe the faster he sets his wipers to the quicker it’ll wipe away the fog?

who knows what he’s thinking.

then there’s the fool who doesn’t realize high beams make it harder to see as it refracts off the droplets of moisture in the air and is going 30km/h on russ baker way.

i’m just glad i got home with minimal incident minus the numerous near collisions from all the people around me who decide to gas it going into a blind turn in heavy fog. good job people..great to know our driving programs are graduating such adept drivers.

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