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Spewed out 13 years, 8 months ago at 11:07 am

another frustration

well mid post i lost my initial blog post. and you know how the second one round is never as good. i’m gonna really have to look into hosting my own blogging system.

so here’s the re-write simplified.

learned a few things on the westjet flight…not all westjet planes are built the same. only a few of them have the 24 channel live satellite tv in the headrests. only some planes have the adjustable head bolsters commonly found in the business class of air canada planes. if you sit in the row in front of the exit rows (common to all planes) you won’t be able to recline your seats due to safety reasons.

i had a flight attendent who’s name was JC and his last name was Penny…I thought that was very funny. he was quite quirky as well as the rest of the attendants….a little overboard at times..but i must say it made me pay attention to the safety presentation.

had a great time in toronto ate at all sorts of restaurants and thanks to HW discovered this great restaurant….Banjara is it’s name, and Indian food is it’s game. Formerly known as Mr. Maharaja on 7 Balmuto St it’s now on Yonge just before Bloor…it’s got great pricing, big portions, and very tasty food…not to mention sanitary as well as a very very friendly host.

i also went to the Easter service at Stone Church, but was a tad late so missed the beginning part of the play. Went shopping again and got some nice deals at H&M again. After seeing the swarm of people my initial wish of an H&M in Vancouver no longer exists. I would prefer to hold on to a little bit of exclusivity (is that a word? perhaps exclusiveness)…

on another note..jetsgo may come back in the future….here’s the

anyways this post better not get eaten up.



Spewed out 13 years, 8 months ago at 4:18 am

Power napping on the plane rocks my socks i feel refreshed! Watch me eat my words when i crash at a most inopportune moment, oh well i have arrived!



Spewed out 13 years, 8 months ago at 10:15 am

another trip

So I was affected by that whole Jetsgo going out of business thingy and still working things out with AMEX to try to get it back.

However that is not preventing me from travelling…I think Westjet will become my new best friend as I head out to visit HW. This trip will be my first on Westjet, maybe they’ll include more legroom / food etc? I shall find out.

I must say that the AMEX guy was very friendly and understanding in trying to help me get back my money. I even asked him about our Rogers discount with AMEX travel and unfortunately he didn’t do travel but he did help me find all the closest locations I could go to, their hours, and contact info.

I ended up talking with Westjet and they were pretty friendly and helpful…and helped me pick my fares….

So I’ll be leaving tonight and going cross country again…



Spewed out 13 years, 9 months ago at 6:41 pm

So went to the Pinstripe Menswear sale… picked up a sweet deal.

$199 for a suit, shoes, belt, shirt, two ties, socks, and shoe shine kit.

The retail prices were:

Suit: $495, Shoes: $170, Belt: $45, Shirt: $45, Ties: $55/each, Socks: $7, Shine Kit: $15

Total: $887

Also checked out the Lacoste warehouse sale…it’s been thoroughly picked through…especially the women’s stuff.




Shirt/Ties – The shirt is a dark purple kinda hard to see:



Spewed out 13 years, 9 months ago at 1:58 pm

For Sale

I shall soon be adding a for sale section to this site. A so called “classifieds” section if you will where I shall list things that I’m ridding myself of that you may find of interest.

Here you’ll have the chance to pick up these items before I offer them to the world on ebay.

Currently I’m about to peddle away two SIM cards for Rogers. I’ll part with them for $20 a piece…I’ll even ship it to you free of charge via lettermail.

I take paypal :)

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