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another trip

So I was affected by that whole Jetsgo going out of business thingy and still working things out with AMEX to try to get it back.

However that is not preventing me from travelling…I think Westjet will become my new best friend as I head out to visit HW. This trip will be my first on Westjet, maybe they’ll include more legroom / food etc? I shall find out.

I must say that the AMEX guy was very friendly and understanding in trying to help me get back my money. I even asked him about our Rogers discount with AMEX travel and unfortunately he didn’t do travel but he did help me find all the closest locations I could go to, their hours, and contact info.

I ended up talking with Westjet and they were pretty friendly and helpful…and helped me pick my fares….

So I’ll be leaving tonight and going cross country again…

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