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Spewed out 14 years ago at 9:46 pm


i’ve been mia for quite some time. all due to this LLQP course i’m taking in order to take that next stepping stone to a better life.

it’s tough though..i haven’t studied much/gone to school in a long time and although i’m not going to school the fact htat it’s an online course makes it difficult to study.

anyone got tips for doing online courses? i just purchased the paper version of the materials in hopes that studying from actual paper versus screen will help be absorb the information better. quite honestly i’m doing quite poorly at the moment….i can only retain about 60% of each section…and it requires a minimum of 60% on the final to go on to take the licensing exam. which as i’m sure you can figure will probably drop i’d need at least 80% retention in each section to squeek a 60% on a cumalative final…

but hey in the end i’ll be able to help people out with their finances…and helping out is always a good to get there…



Spewed out 14 years ago at 11:41 pm

It’s a Dance off!

Nothing like a good ol dance off!

Napoleon Dynamite Vs Fender (from Robots not Futurama)




Spewed out 14 years ago at 10:08 pm

I take back my googlism rant

Some of you may remember my gmail/blogger/google rant back in the day. well i still haven’t weened myself off this now publicly traded company. but i must say they have been sticking to their privacy and terms and conditions fairly well.

so with that i must introduce their new beta technology…the movie search…i won’t be suprised when i hear them buying out

but check this out now you can slap on “movie: search phrase” and voila movie related stuff…

click here for more perusing

i thought this one took the cake though…look it’s microsoft teaching responsible parents l33t’s existed for years..

and quite honestly so many of us have used it with such mockery..and possibly some seriousness in our former geek glory (or present)…

you know the world is coming to an end when microsoft will teach you how to detect whether your kids are turning into hackers violating the law simply by how they converse online … BWAHAHAH CLICK HERE

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