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wow talk about nuts. in the past when i did some web design projects on occasion we would outsource to india since you can get someone for wayyyyy cheap….

but this is crazy you can now outsource your babysitting needs…to get this…CSR’s yup call centre reps..haha specially trained to monitor/babysit your kid via webcam.

and to think that there’s a possibility these testimonials on the site are real

“Now I can go out at night and I don’t have to worry about Tanya. “

Lisa Johnson
-Las Vegas, NV

oh you can also get the perspective from the kids testimonials

Billy, Age 6: My mom goes out late at night. She was happy to talk to the people in the webcam. She says they will keep me safe.

Tanya, Age 8: I don’t have to keep the night light on anymore. Susan G. from Baby Sitter Outsource makes me feel safe.

Tommy, Age 5: My mom talked to Baby Sitter Outsource and she said they were really friendly; even when they caught me playing with the electrical cords

We save the lives of children every day. With a track record of zero fatalities, our customers feel safe and independent

that’s just NUTS! i couldn’t imagine just leaving my kid in front of a webcam … maybe i missed something…but seriously!

babysitting outsource

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  • Not feeling safe at night? How about a table that turns into a shield and bat?

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