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well today i renewed my driver’s license. did you know it costs $75 now! it’s insane i remember when it was just $40/$45 … :(

anyways my DL is my only form of government photo id, so i was a little concerned about renewing since i’ll be taking a flight soon and don’t hold a passport (another pricey thing to renew).

i was fortunate enough to have a very friendly old lady who let me keep my old license just in case the new one didn’t come in time :)

anyways i’ve decided on some refinement and goals for myself for the rest of this year.

for Q3/Q4

Learn to Ride (A Motorcycle)
Refine my diet so i’m only eating healthier things.
Be more disciplined and develop a daily routine.
In regards to the above, exercise regularly, stay healthy.
Go climbing more this year (Eric!, Jeff!)
Contribute to my RRSP regularly this year

still thinking of more goals to set…i’m feeling awful lazy so i must get off my ass…my goals shall help.

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