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Spewed out 13 years, 6 months ago at 3:25 pm


wow who knew that starting a new job would incur so many expenses…well now i do…

but it’s worth it’s a job that’ll be a start to a new “career”.

i passed my licensing exam for my life license (yes that sounds funny)’ll enable me to sell life insurance…not license me to have a life :)

soon i’ll be constantly seen in that wicked Boss tie that my wonderful girlfriend HW got me.. :) it’s just uber cool. you’d think it’s just a plain black skinny tie…but it stands out so much..absolutely amazing…it’s the nicest tie…trust me…perfect weight and feel, the quality is unbeatable. i can actually get that little peak/mound/pucker fold properly with absolute ease! i love it…hehe

anyways…soon i’ll probably be hidden away studying again for the next “phase” of things which would be for a securities license etc which will enable me to deal with another aspect of planning and advising…but if all goes well i shall be starting this new position in a month or so after all the paperwork clears through…



Spewed out 13 years, 6 months ago at 7:09 pm

cheap gas map

check this out…some dude has merged the info from gasbuddy and googles mapping to create a mapped location of cheap gas for select cities etc.

gas map



Spewed out 13 years, 7 months ago at 8:14 pm

back in town

so i ran away to toronto for a bit. i was there for my birthday and had quite a fun time. ate at marche movenpick quite a lovely selection of food and large dessert.

HW got me the sweetest tie for my bday! a nice silk hugo boss one with just the right amount of sheen to it and it’s a thin black one just like i’ve been searching for…

we also headed to centre island and centreville, quite an interesting place with smart ducks that know how to beg for food at the picnic tables! and evil evil seagulls / pigeons…

the weather thwarted our attempts to go to Paramount Canada’s Wonderland. I’ve never been and still want to go…i remember seeing commercials for it as a wee lad on tv and wanting to go…they have a new Italian Job ride where you go through the Mini Car Chase scene…Mini as in the car, not size, i believe the ride is actually quite big.

we also went to Yorkdale mall where Mango the shop that HW likes very much from Spain has now landed in Canada. I on the other hand went a little out of hand at H&M got a very euro looking slim fit pinstripe suit…

anyways still studying for my Life License…haha sounds funny i know…no it’s not a license to’s a license to sell life insurance…another step closer to becoming a financial advisor.

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