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The Fish House

The Fish House

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My Overall Informal Rating: 8/10

I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the fish house. The atmosphere is just the perfect sort of casual elegance. The restaurant itself is situated in ::wikipedia(Stanley Park, Stanley Park):: although it’s nowhere near the shoreline so there aren’t any special views. The decor is quite simple within and since their specialty is seafood particularly fish, it is very similar to the Cannery’s.What I particularly enjoyed the most however wasn’t their food nor the decor, it was actually the nice friendly reminder in their menu to shut off your cell phone or to forward it to their house phone.

It made for a wonderful dining experience free of cell phone ringing. All in all was just the normal banter of waiters, and other people enjoying their food and wine.

Exterior @ Night

The food was excellent, I personally had the grilled wild salmon with maple glaze. It was prepared perfectly upon a corn husk as to prevent any charring the meat was just past cooked. The maple glaze sauce went perfectly with the potatoes and greens. All the food was prepared perfectly and cooked just right. Kudos to the chef.

Price is on the higher end of things however it’s definitely money well spent. Unlike other restaurants attempting to cash in big on trend and appeal, the Fish House is definitely consistent seeing as it’s been around for so many years — price is justified.

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