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Sleep Deprived

Sleep Deprived

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So I’m still having troubles sleeping. I think I get an average of about 4 hours of sleep at night right now…I shall be returning to my doctor this week hopefully there’s something a little bit better for assisting with my sleep.

I’m hoping my physio session tomorrow, or in this case later today goes better and reduces the pain. I understand that it typically becomes more painful before becoming better. However I’d like to know how much more the pain increases before it starts to decrease.So what am I doing? Well I’ve decided its one of those rare occasions to turn on my motorized spiral hypnosis device. It helps me fall asleep…the funny thing is it’s usually the sound of the motor that lulls me to sleep as opposed to the visually sleep-inducing perpetual spiral.

It’s snowing right now. The weatherperson was right for once…snow. however i don’t see how we’re gonna get 3-5 cm’s here in Richmond, it seems like it’s all melting and not sticking…but who knows maybe I’ll awake to some snow.

All I know is there’s gonna be some serious car accidents today…given the notoriety of how horrible drivers in Richmond are.

anyways time to take another stab at falling asleep.

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