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For The People!

For The People!

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I've always wondered why a textbook cost so much. I don't think there's another type of book that costs more than a text book. Except maybe computer books, but then again most of those teach and could be considered text books themselves.

Either way it's very costly in addition to materials and tuition fees for people to afford text books.So here's a site that's essentially devoted to providing resources to free textbooks and online materials or higher learning. Although it may not be the required texts for a particular course, they do provide links to resources for various subjects.

Now for something a little funner. Here you can pay to become a “Mystery Shopper” for Famous Players. It's a pass that costs about $50 with taxes and what that does is you become a Famous Player Mystery Shopper. Gives you 8 passes to go see movies and 4 x $10 concession coupons. It's really not a bad deal if you consider it costs approx $10 per movie ticket x 8 = $80 + $40 concession.

Thing is you have to fill out an evalutation and grade the location you'll be watching at.

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