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Hart House Restaurant

Hart House Restaurant

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My Informal Rating: 7/10

This restaurant is often seen at the top of Vancouver restaurant rankings and is also quite heavily involved in community events and charitable donations. As for my first time experience perhaps I had expectations.Arriving at this heritage home one will admire the Tudor style architecture. Tucked away in ::wikipedia(Deer Lake, Deer Lake):: it does provide a tranquil eating experience. Although if you’ve eaten at any of the restaurants located in either Stanley or Queen Elizabeth park the experience is fairly similar.

Hart House Exterior

The occasion was for a company Christmas dinner and so we had our own room and the food was set up in a buffet style. Although the food was good, it wasn’t anything extraordinary. Perhaps an individual meal would be more representative of the calibre of food at this establishment. The decor was equally nice on the inside as the outside and we were treated to some professional carolers whilst we ate.

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