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Steeps Urban Teahouse

Steeps Urban Teahouse

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My Overall Informal Rating: 7/10

Steeps describes itself in it’s name. It is simply a tea house updated for the Vancouver urbanite. What sets them apart from other “Tea” places is their emphasis on loose leaf teas.It is a relatively new company which started in 1999 in Edmonton and so far is only in Alberta and BC — with Vancouver being it’s only BC location.

Outside, It has a pretty unassuming appearance which is definitely refreshing when the majority of all tea/coffee locales now go for the ultra hip look. No fancy architecture or signage even. If you didn’t venture inside it would look like a neighbourhood corner cafe (which incidentally it is on a corner – Broadway & Laurel).

Steeps Exterior

However once inside the atmosphere is very warm and inviting with decor that echo’s a Himalayan / Tibetan influence. As well once inside you’ll notice the immediate difference between this tea house and other coffee shops. NOISE. In this case it is the lack of loud annoyances. All the patrons were very respectful of others in keeping their voices down, making it a decent place to have a nice conversation or to study.

Inside Steeps

Apparently they claim to have been authenticated as having the best masala chai this side of the Himilayas. What I tried was the Matcha Latte and HW had the Chocolate Chai latte. I tried a sip of the Chai and although quite spicy, I must say it was definitely very very good Chai. I’m normally not that impressed with the taste or flavour, however I did enjoy the Chai. The Matcha which I’ve also never had, although seen heavily advertised at Blenz was excellent. I’ll have to try a run of the mill franchise shop Matcha to compare.

The pricing was also very reasonable at anywhere between $2.50 -> $4.00 for the average drink on the menu.

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