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I love hotel designs. Especially all of Mr ::wikipedia(Ian Shrager, Ian Shrager)::’s designs. Anyways how’s this tie together with the VW Fox? Well does anyone remember what that old fox was like?Well VW used to have this old car around called the Fox it looked something like this…

Old Fox

Well anyways somewhere along the way in Germany they came out with a new version this year. Strike that. In 2005.

It looks quite different…

New Fox

Anyways as a result of this. For the launch of this new VW as part of their marketing they brought together 21 international artists to design and illustrate and create urban art essentially in various rooms creating HOTEL FOX.

Check out the crazy designs and illustrations. Just click on their rooms link. Not sure how much it costs but hey…if you’re in the area.Looks like they have some deals for the new year.

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