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Bedroom Renovation Part 4 – Painting

Bedroom Renovation Part 4 – Painting

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Thisentryis part 4 of 6 in the series Bedroom Renovation

After patching and smoothing down the walls by sanding. It’s ready for paint!Deciding on colour(s) to use is probably the longest part of the whole process. I ended up using two colours for the walls and a white for the doors, frames, sills, and ceiling. The two colours I went with are a khaki like colour that has a minor tinge of green to the darker one. The names of the colours were Pecan Tree, Sisal, and Kitten White. The two colours I used for the wall were to create some more dimension to the room. I applied the lighter colour to the larger walls and the darker to the smaller ones.

Tools used: Paint Roller, Brushes, Paint Pan, Step Ladder
Materials: Primer, Paint, Drop cloth / plastic, Masking Tape

Taping It all starts off as more prep work before I even touched the paint cans. First removing anything that could be. Which meant the plates that cover the power sockets and light switch. Removing the intercom, hooks in the ceiling, the blinds, mounting brackets, the door stop, and obviously all the furniture. Whatever furniture you can’t move put it in the middle of your room.

Drop Cloth After removing everything I taped everything off that I didn’t want paint on, the window sills, light switch, power socket, baseboard heater, etc. Then comes covering the floor up as well as the furniture I couldn’t get out of my room.

Once everything is covered up the order I was going to paint in was: ceiling, light colour walls, dark colour walls, window sills, door frame, closet doors, and room door.

Painted Ceiling When I finished painting the ceiling and letting it dry, I taped that off as well to prevent getting paint on it from doing the walls (I still managed to get paint on the ceiling by the way).

PrimerFor the walls I had to lay down a coat of primer first. The ceiling since it was previously painted white didn’t require it. After putting primer on the wall, it was literally watching paint dry. It was supposed to be quick drying 20 minute paint, but with the weather I think it took much longer. I left it for 24 hours.

Light ColourPaint

So after letting the primer dry over night, I then painted the light coloured walls. Using the roller for the large sections and the brush for the edges and around sockets and small details.

Painting In I painted around the edges first as recommended by various sources, and whilst the paint is wet you want to finish painting that section. After letting the paint dry for the light colour I did all the dark coloured walls.

Finished Dark and Light So after painting the walls and letting it all dry I was able to remove the tape and admire the work. There were a few sections I had to go back over and touch up little blemishes here and there.

Taping frames Next was painting the door frames, window sills and closet. So it was time to whip out the tape again. This time preventing paint from getting onto the newly painted walls. I also removed the closet door as well as the room door and all hinges and hardware that I could.

Closet Door While paint dried on the sills and frames I was able to paint the closet doors and room door. I did all the painting by hand, since a roller is pretty much useless along all these slats.

Finished ClosetFinished DoorAfter that all dried, I remounted all the doors and hardware. Put back the intercom and plates that covered all the electrical items and finally removing all the tape.

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