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Bedroom Renovation Part 5 – Finishing Touches

Bedroom Renovation Part 5 – Finishing Touches

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Thisentryis part 5 of 6 in the series Bedroom Renovation

Now with the closet completely redone, the walls and everything else repainted, it was all done in time for the arrival of my bed. Literally. Finished painting the day before the bed came.

There was still one problem I hated, the poor the lighting in my room.

The poor lighting was driving me nuts. Not to mention these energy efficient bulbs. I mean they’re great for saving power, but they seriously cast of funky light compared to incandescent lights. They take forever to warm up to full capacity too.

No worries, I still decided to use them, just two bulbs instead of one.

Tools used: Screwdriver
Materials: Direct wire Lighting Fixture ($13.99)

Thanks to my most recent visit to Rona (which has replaced Home Depot as my new fave home store since it’s proudly Canadian owned and can actually compete with a mammoth retailer like Home Depot), I found a great direct wire light fixture to replace this thing.

Old LightI thought this was pretty hideous. Not only does it only use a single bulb the glass was heavily frosted white which further diffused the light. I suppose it’s suppose to create a calming darker environment for which to fall asleep in, but it seriously was dark in my room.

Fixture Replacing the light was fairly straight foreword. You just have to be very careful the electricity is turned off before you proceed. It’s all just held together with a couple of screws and the new light fixture came with basic instructions.

New Light The new light’s brand is…get ready to laugh “Express Installation”. Guess where it’s made? China. It certainly explains the brand and the price tag. I was surprised that it was actually pretty decent quality. It’s a pewter finish along with a spiraling glass design. The glass is frosted as well but noticeably less than the previous one.

Bed Well the bed arrived as well so that’s now in the room and I’m pretty much done except to find some more decorations. I’m thinking of getting a big floor plant of some sort. Perhaps a cactus since it’s minimal maintainence. Perhaps I should just go with a fake plant.

Still pretty bare on the walls right now and still deciding where to mount a mirror. It’s slowly coming together. I’ll update this as it comes along further.

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