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Crashing Paul Haggis

Crashing Paul Haggis

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I’m pretty impressed with Paul Haggis. He’s had an interesting journey through entertainment and Hollywood. Most recently picking up the Best Picture award for his film Crash.

He scores points in my book since he’s an ex-pat Canadian.  In addition to that he scores massive points for his ability to churn out films like Crash, and last year’s Million Dollar Baby.

However let me unwind him a bit for you.

He actually moved from doing television shows to doing films. Honestly, he’s a far better contributor to the film world than to the television.

I’m surprised there’s not much mention that Paul Haggis is the creator of Walker Texas Ranger. You know that tv series where Chuck Norris does his crazy roundhouse kick to everyone that comes near him whilst keeping his cowboy hat on.

In all fairness however, he was a contributing writer to both Facts of Life and Diff’rent Strokes.

Too bad about the Walker Texas Ranger thing though

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