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Stuck Message In Outlook Outbox

Stuck Message In Outlook Outbox

6,502 views Since it was Spewed out 13 years ago at 9:43 pm

Once again I’ve been having issues where my message gets stuck in my outbox perpetually “sending”. I was sending a message with a 2 meg attachment and it just stuck there. This certainly isn’t the first time it’s happened. The message gets stuck in the outbox and any attempts at stopping or deleting the message results in a “can’t open this item outlook has already begun transmitting” message. I’ve finally found a handy solution to this problem. I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s encountered this so I’ll post this message here for reference.

Instead of going through a tedious process of backing up the personal folder file (*.pst) and an intricate swapping and renaming of files. There’s a much easier way to fix it. Just set your Outlook into the “Work Offfline” mode. Close and re-open the program and then delete the message out of the outbox. Once that’s done you can flip back into “Work Online”. This is done by going to “File | Work Offline”.

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  1. GravatarMornington

    Oh for crying out loud… THANK YOU.

  2. GravatarJosh

    Well, I tried that and it still won’t work. Now, when I hit delete, the “X” or right-click and hit delete, nothing happens, but when I try to open the email that’s stuck or change the Options, it says Outlook has already begun sending the message.

    Any thoughts??

  3. There’s a few different ways to tackle this issue. I do remember a time I had to attempt this procedure a few times in a row in order for it to be deleted. Where I would turn it to offline mode, close outlook, open outlook, attempt to delete, close outlook, open outlook, and then finally be able to delete.

    If that doesn’t work try deleting the message in Outlook’s safe mode. Go to start / run and then enter “Outlook /safe” you’ll notice that the appearance will revert to the default theme and you should see “(safe mode)” in the title bar.

    If you can’t delete the message from there you may need to do the whole PST swapping procedure, which when I attempted it I found it to be such a hassle. I’m sure there’s some better resources that may describe this procedure better.

    Actually this link I found that details that also has another troubleshooting step about disabling your antivirus or firewall. I’d try all other options before heading the route of doing the new profile.

  4. Gravatarjoanie

    God bless you and your progeny! Why the heck doesn’t Microsoft Help tell you this simple solution?

  5. GravatarPhil

    Hi all you stuck outbox people!

    The offline start/x/stop/restart/x/stop/restart finally worked. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE YOUR VPN and all e-mail related comm shut down in addition to offline.

    Ghosty gets a beer!

  6. Gravatarsweet baby

    thank the lordy.

  7. Gravatarme

    I am using Outlook 2000 and I can’t find “work offline” under file???? Help!!
    What is my VPN and all email related comm???

  8. GravatarGrasshut In Makakilo

    YES! Going offline and deleting did the trick.

  9. I’m not sure where the “work offline” option is located in outlook 2000, but regardless of which menu it lays under this solution should have the same effect once you find and toggle that option.

  10. GravatarColleen

    THANK YOU a million times over… $%^&* thing has been messing with me for days!! grrrrr.



  11. Ghosty your a genius

  12. GravatarN.Subramanian

    Ghosty you are a genius.

    The work offiline trick worked thank you.


  13. GravatarHeather

    thank you soooooo much!!!!

  14. GravatarTam213

    Thank you! You have saved me from the humility of asking my network administrator husband for the answer on this one! What a relief. I do not have to run with my tail between my legs yelping like I’ve been whipped with the technology know it all belt 🙂

  15. GravatarYost

    Thank you! Fantastic work.

  16. GravatarTBake

    WONDERFUL!!! Thank You SOOO much!

  17. GravatarBonnie

    You’re a lifesaver … THANKS!!!!!!!!!

  18. GravatarHaether

    Glad it’s just not me! I called my internet provider (Shaw — GREAT customer service) and since the regular delete didn’t work, she had me drag the file to my deleted folder. Yeah, it worked! Having sent out an email to three people over 100 times today while I was out, I think checking my outbox will be a priority before leaving the computer!

  19. GravatarPeter

    Thank you so much!!!

  20. GravatarDURK

    thank you thank you thank you !

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