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Norwalk Into Spring

Norwalk Into Spring

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So today was the official first day of Spring. I woke up due to a splinter of sunlight coming through my blinds, my mom woke up earlier so I could smell fresh toast and coffee. Everything seemed like a great start. I even had time to make myself some english breakfast tea. I had had the time to wash my car just yesterday. All set for a decent day I would say.

So I hop in my car and alas traffic is a mess. There’s construction going on at exactly 4 different locations on my way to work as well as 2 accidents (albeit in the opposite direction). This of course set me back slightly. I’m listening to News 1130 to get my traffic updates, however it’s not time yet so it’s playing the headlines. Guess what? Outbreak of the Norwalk Virus at the Burnaby hospital and one in Vancouver. Great I’m headed to Burnaby. Anyways I get to work have another coffee, sit through the morning meeting and head back home. On the way home I hear the weather is going to be nasty for the next 2 weeks.

I guess with everything there has to be balance. The makings of a good day can be neutralized by the makings of a bad week.
Snowing In StevestonI am thankful for the Sun, especially after the freak snow occurance last week.  There were large fluffy 2cm flakes falling non-stop.  Weird thing is it got really sunny and warm the next day and by midday was all gone.

So it looks like we’ll be encountering some early April Showers.  Soon spring shall be in full swing.  Hopefully they control that Norwalk Virus outbreak.  No one likes being bed-ridden with vommiting and diarrhea.

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