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Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail

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So I’ve been beta testing this Windows Live Mail for an amount of time now. They must feel pretty threatened with google’s gmail. Live mail has been going on for a little while now based on the “invite only” type of deal. It basically replaces your hotmail account with this new live mail test environment. I must say that I’m not terribly impressed.

I suppose it isn’t unexpected coming from Microsoft, but like many of it’s other products/sites it doesn’t work with Firefox. Initial inspection it just looks and feels like you logged into a Microsoft Exchange type of webmail setup. With a heavy Outlook feel to it (which I suppose it should make it easier for those familiar with their desktop programs). You can however customize the colours.

Granted it’s in Beta, but it seems the interface is noticably slower than Hotmail is. This is kind of ironic seeing that one of the main selling points is “Speed, Speed, Speed”. The tricky part is they say navigating email is faster, which doesn’t necessarily mean that the interface is faster. On the upside it does up your storage to a more respectable 2 gigs. However there’s quite a few downsides. One of which is the entirely revamped interface. There’s many routes which currently all end up being dead ends.

For example if I check the calendar, there isn’t a way for me to get back to my mail. They make it look like Outlook where you can switch between contacts, mail, calendar, notes etc. However when it comes down to actually going into the sections. It certainly isn’t as simple to flip back. This also holds true when I go to modify the calendar options, after which I have no way of returning to the calendar. To top this all off, the logo isn’t linked up to anything. Therefore even attempts to return to microsoft’s home or anything else is thwarted. This seems to be a problem for me at least in both the new windows live view (which is currently incomplete as they state) or in their classic hotmail view (which i assume should be in a complete state).

You’re pretty much forced to use your browser’s back button or to sign out and log back in. Which is definitely not very good when it comes to usability. If they can fix all these problems then it’ll possibly make hotmail more competitive again with gmail and yahoo.

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  1. -One of the uses of my hotmail is to collect junk mail, esp. when I sign up to various websites that require my email for registration. At this task, it’s great at it.
    – So if it’s collecting junk mail, then I’m probably using another mail program, like gmail, or yahoo.
    – So why would I want to switch back???

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