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Google Finance

Google Finance

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I’m not sure how behind I am on this one, but I just recently discovered Google’s “Google Finance” site. I’m particularly interested in this because…well I deal with this type of information for work.

I was previously using the financial information sites provided by the Globe & Mail. However with my love affair with google, I must say I can’t wait to see more develop of this site.

Like most sites, you can set up google’s to include your stock symbols etc to keep track. Check out the graphs though! I’m a bit of a geek in that way. The graphs are pretty and makes for a very easy way to just slide around without needing to wait for new graphs to generate.
Simply lovely. On top of that the cross referencing of relevant news and articles pertinent to any particular symbol or company or any finance related item you happen to be perusing is simply stellar. Slide the chart range up to a month, a year, etc and it’ll automatically slide the relevant news items to those dates as well.

It’s definitely a very neat tool. Check out how all the news items are mapped directly onto the chart! It’s totally cool seeing the news items that may or may not have impacted the company etc. For example here’s the page for Google themselves.

Another interesting aspect that makes them stand out however is how they’ve integrated all this information together on a very useful page. With the impact blogs make on news now a days, there’s full integration of discussion groups and blog posts related to the company you might be researching etc.

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