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Ask Maps

Ask Maps

Spewed out 12 years, 9 months ago at 6:25 pm

I must say that after Ask Jeeves “let go” their butler. has added some cool features. One of them being their maps. I know I’m a huge fan of google and their google map interface, but one of the standout things with Ask is the fact that you can differentiate directions between driving and walking.

So in heavily urbanized areas and main cities this is quite useful, since not everyone needs to drive. It also gives you a more accurate estimate as to how long the walk will take.

You also have the ability to play a walk/drive through which traces through the path it provides step by step. Like google’s map it also provides an aerial view as well as a hybrid view.

Roll Up The Rim To Win

Roll Up The Rim To Win

Spewed out 12 years, 9 months ago at 11:16 pm

Tim Horton’s has been doing pretty good for itself, being the largest coffee and donut chain in Canada. To some it’s about as Canadian as Hockey is. They even have a few hundred stores down in the states. One of their biggest promotions is their yearly “Roll Up The Rim To Win” campaign. With a heavy emphasis on the rolled R’s. Anyways this year the grand prize is a Toyota RAV 4. What’s caught the news lately is this 10 year old girl from Ontario.
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Can Ukulele’s Be Cool?

Can Ukulele’s Be Cool?

Spewed out 12 years, 9 months ago at 10:04 pm

I think everyone learnt the ukulele as part of their elementary school curriculum (at least here in Canada British Columbia). I don’t remember it ever being a “cool” instrument. It was definitely a ton of fun, just like playing the Recorder. I remember it was the cool instrument to upgrade to. You see, in Kindergarten you started with the Recorder and you played it throughout elementary school. When you reached grade 3 they started teaching the Ukulele to you. It was the move from the Recorder to the Ukulele that made it cool.

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Crashing Paul Haggis

Crashing Paul Haggis

Spewed out 12 years, 9 months ago at 3:57 am

I’m pretty impressed with Paul Haggis. He’s had an interesting journey through entertainment and Hollywood. Most recently picking up the Best Picture award for his film Crash.

He scores points in my book since he’s an ex-pat Canadian.  In addition to that he scores massive points for his ability to churn out films like Crash, and last year’s Million Dollar Baby.

However let me unwind him a bit for you.

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