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Finished Catching Up On Books

Finished Catching Up On Books

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Lately I haven’t been sleeping too well again. However this has provided me the oportunity to catch up on some reading. It started out being an activity I was doing in an attempt to put myself to sleep. I think it’s time to toss that notion out as a means to end my insomnia.

So what have I been reading lately?

Well to start off I finished this book I picked up at Toronto’s Pearson Airport.

State of FearMichael Crichton’s State of Fear. It’s definitely another good Crichton novel that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It has the same great captive quality as his classic Andromeda Strain. You definitely won’t think of Global Warming issues the same way again. Kudos for the Vancouver mention as well 🙂

The Dragon Syndicates: The Global Phenomenon of the TriadsWell next was my move to a non-fiction piece, Martin Booth’s The Dragon Syndicates. A great history/documentary on the origin and proliferation of the Asian Triads. It’s definitely an insightful and eye opening look into how the Chinese Triads have shaped the culture and mainstream Asian society.

Critical thinking: An introduction to the basic skillsOk so this one is technically a textbook. It’s Critical Thinking – An Introduction To The Basic Skills, by William Hughes. It’s funny that I am revisiting this old text from yonder years. However in my attempts to become a better communicator and avoid being misconstrued, I figure it would be a good refresher to look at. Not to mention I found it relatively light. If you think about it text books are generally sparser than thick novels, the information they contain are usually filled with plenty of whitespace which makes it far easier to read faster (as long as you enjoy the subject).

Next I moved on to reading a screenplay written by a local Asian-Canadian screenwriter. The story revolves around a family torn apart by their multi-generational differences. Dealing with various stigmas, the central characters have their relationships all intertwined in deep, dark, and often secret ways. Out of respect I don’t want to describe it too much since it hasn’t been optioned yet, but I’d love to see a film version some day.

Well that’s it for now, still working on a few other books simultaneously but haven’t finished them yet.

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