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Last 4 One Korean BBoy Crew

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These guys are pretty crazy. They walked away from the International Battle Of The Year competition held in Germany this year (most recent competition 2005) with the 1st place title. I wish I could read Korean instead of having to rely on web translators.

I think I’m most impressed with Style M and Zero Nine from the crew. Anyways I found a few videos of them.

This is for a commercial they’re doing. Not only is the dancing impressive but I love the stark contrast between traditional and modern interpretation of Canon In D.

The mixture of using a DJ and a Beatboxer (From the Expressions Crew) mixed in with an orchestra using a Kayagum (Korean zither) which looks a lot like the Guzheng (Chinese zither) — very impressive.

this one is more focused on a solo Zero Nine performing.

Here’s one I found on google, I think it’s done by the crew themselves. Quite a professional documentary I might add.

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  1. hello.
    i’m glad you like the korean bboy.. last4one. and the canon in D orchestrated with Gayageum and beatbox.
    i’m very proud of them and others personally.
    the last video is actually just collected clips from the documentary this korean program was doing on the bboy group during their preparation for BOTY. they have become so popular to the pt of becoming a part of korean modern culture. The pt of documentary was to voice the dreams of young minds who take breakdancing seriously. it’s a form of expressive art and they just want this form of art to be recognized by the conservative and rigid society of korea. and, the background music is of SeoTaiji of the Taiji Boys (another legendary cultural icon).
    btw, did you have any luck in finding the actual BOTY competition clip of the last4one? i’d love to see them.

    again, thx for the entertainment

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