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Construction Of New York’s Freedom Tower Started

Construction Of New York’s Freedom Tower Started

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So early yesterday all the disputes and talks have finally been resolved and construction has officially started on the building of the Freedom Tower. This structure has been through a few redesigns and not to mention there have been numerous hurdles in getting everything just right.

The tower will be set up at ::wikipedia(Ground Zero, Ground Zero):: along with the museum, memorial and a few other towers.  The Freedom Tower will be at an exact height of 1776 feet to match the year the American colonies declared independence from Britian.  Although this may change by the time it is completed in 2011.
Aparently it was already designed once since previously the NY Police determined the old design was vulnerable to truck bombings.  The Freedom Tower will now have a 200 foot base coated in titanium and steel plates that can withstand a bomb blast. There’s also reports that the base may have glass plates instead to give it a shimmering quality since it’ll be mainly windowless for the first 20 floors essentially.  Either way it’ll withstand any vehicle bombs.

It seems like there still may be the possibility of more changes to the design by the time any actual “building” gets erected. It has already changed from the spiraling / rotating look to a more simplified and sleeker appearance.

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