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Messy Spirituality

Messy Spirituality

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Fighting off the flu has been a bit of the pain, but it has provided me the opportunity to read some more books. This time I finished reading Mike Yaconelli’s Messy Spirituality. I forgot who gave me this book all those years ago, I think it was either Chip or YJ. Whoever it was thanks.

Messy Spirituality: God\'s Annoying Love for Imperfect PeopleIt’s definitely a refreshing and eye opening look at the pursuit for perfection. I think the many things that erked me throughout life, growing up, and to this day are all summed up in this book. With so many people who have probably experienced one degree or another of some of what is illustrated I can see why this book gets top reviews.

I’m not one to differ, I would say this was a good read. It helps you realize that no one is perfect and the things that you thought so poorly of yourself over … well they happen.

Anyways, it was a good read. In relation to my recent contemplations and explorations it has been a helpful revelation, like peeling back a few layers of that dried up onion skin.

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