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Quiet Tweaks And Additions

Quiet Tweaks And Additions

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So I’ve recently made a few more tweaks to the layout and features of this site. WordPress has definitely been far easier and more flexible than Nucleus. I recently started playing a bit with Pixelpost a super simple easily customizable system for photoblogging.

So I’ve been implementing and making a few changes in attempts to make the site a little more usable. Due to some more controversial news related posts I’ve been making, I’ve implemented page caching to help ease the load on the servers.

  1. Implemented social bookmarking quicklinks to full posts – more sites coming in the future
  2. Page caching to ease load on servers due to some more controversial posts I’ve been making lately
  3. Added random photobar that links up with my photoblog Sandbox
  4. Main page posts only display 3 latest posts
  5. Sidebar reorganized to display Latest Posts then Comments, with Latest Posts reduced to 5 latest posts
  6. Audio Player temporarily disabled
  7. From interest in shoe gallery, added watch gallery

So that’s it for now. I’ll perhaps be making a few more tweaks to the photoblog integration to make it prettier and more dynamic.

Here’s the feed link for my photoblog if you wish to add it to your feedreader:

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