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Downtown Sidewalk Mosaics

Downtown Sidewalk Mosaics

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I’ve always really liked the look of mosaic art. I’m excited about the fact that the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association decided to do a project like this.

There’s been 12 mosaics created by various artists and now that they’re done being displayed at the Park Place building at 666 Burrard they’re being installed in the sidewalks around downtown. It’ll be spread out over a 90 block far I’ve only found 8 7 of the 12. The 90 block area they are contained is marked on this map.
*56K Warning* Check them out after the jump.

They’re all quite beautiful. Sorry for some of the blurry shots. More information is available at the DVBIA website here.

These are by no means official titles for the art work. Just my guesses of what they’re depicting. I unfortunately don’t have more info about which artists contributed or the proper depictions, except for the few times I passed by them in the lobby of Park Pace.

*UPDATE* – Cordova & Richards Mosaic does not appear to be part of the 12 mosaic pieces as indicated here.  It is actualy part of an older art project known as the “Footprints Community Art Project” done back in 2001 by the Downtown East Side Community.  More information on that project can be found here.
Cordova & Richards – City Of Vancouver Crest
Cordova & Richards

Robson & Burrard – Musical Instruments
Robson & Burrard

Smithe & Seymour – Orpheum
Smithe & Seymour

Seymour & Georgia – Hudsons Bay Company
Seymour & Georgia

Georgia & Howe – Lions Gate Bridge
Georgia & Howe

Georgia & Hornby – Health Care
Georgia & Hornby

Dunsmuir & Burrard – Fishing
Dunsmuir & Burrard

Georgia & Homer – Logging
Georgia & Homer

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