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Dose Dismantled

Dose Dismantled

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I can’t remember when they launched the youth targeted (18-34 crowd) commuter paper Dose, but I’m sure it’s been under a year ago. Well it’s officially been taken off the press. It will continue in it’s online form as well as their hip “mobile” editions for your cellphone etc.

I’m not surprised that it’s going out of print.  The paper was certainly more show than go. They probably spent a lot more on the hip advertisements than on decent news content in the paper.  I think it lacked enough important news.
The other commuter two commuter papers 24 Hours and Metro News are still going strong.  I personally think that 24 Hours is a better paper with a good balance of prime articles and presentation.  From reading Dose from time to time I often got the sense that it underestimated the intelligence of it’s target demographic.  24 Hours doesn’t specifically target 18-34, however it does target the person on the go.  I find it provides all the vital news in a compact 10 – 20 min easy read.

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