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Love, Deming And Vivian Gaston Designs

Love, Deming And Vivian Gaston Designs

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I just got back from the premiering fashion show for my friend Melissa’s new line “Love, Deming”. Love, Deming is a family endeavor by Melissa, her sister Katie and mother Becki. Tonight was the unvealing of their Fall Winter 2006 collection “Rich In Mercy”

This also reminded me of my sister’s endeavors into the fashion world with her various jewelry collections.

Here’s a peek at one of the outfits with a real nice retro (circa 40’s / 50’s) feel. All the pieces were made from eco-friendly fabrics and materials like hemp, silk, bamboo, soy, and yak wool.

Love, Deming

If you’re wondering what ::wikipedia(Deming Washington, Deming):: is, it’s a small town in Washington at the base of Mt. Baker where the girls grew up.

“They saw a need for women to feel covered, but confident and sexy in what they were wearing. As such they’ve created pieces that they would want to add to their own closets.”

The line can currently be found at Not Just Pretty in ::wikipedia(Victoria BC, Victoria)::. Keep an eye out for their line at local boutiques. More information will be at

As for my sis’ jewelry a selection of her various collections can be found at Vivian Gaston Designs. The key to her line is it is geared for “Casual Luxury”. Keep an eye out for it soon in Vancouver boutiques, currently available in select St Louis boutiques.

Check them out!

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