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Beautiful Losers

Beautiful Losers

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“Beautiful Losers” has wrapped up and was quite a success. I’m hoping it’ll make its way over from Milan to our shores here sometime. It was essentially an art exhibit that showcased art from the fringe. Art that draws upon inspiration and returns back to the fringe. Flavoured from pop iconography, street wise renditions, indie music, urban graffiti, and other various sources of creative fuel.

It can almost be described as rebel or guerilla art in its purest form. If you have the time check out this documentary that delves into the whole ethos behind it all. You’ll get a taste of how hip hop, breaking, and graffiti influenced some of the art coming from New York and the East coast versus the “rebellious” nature of punk, surfing, skatboarding and the legendary Dogtown pops through from the West coast.

On the same note check out a couple of other art collections I enjoy with the same creative tone. It’s raw art unrefined and undefined.

Check this idea out. You check into a hotel room or you have full control of an office boardroom. This really doesn’t matter. You take down what artwork is already there (or whiteboard, photograph, mirror, etc) and in its place you create some art directly on the wall. You then replace and cover it back up with what was originally there. Until the next person comes along and discovers the wonderful creation behind it.

This art (or vandalism depending on how you look at it) movement is mostly found in hotel rooms. It was started primarily by people who spend a lot of time on the road and in hotels — rock bands. One of the main guys is Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age. Here’s what he had to say:

Basically, it’s like a box of Cracker Jacks. You get a secret toy surprise. We have a set of patterns and each art piece is kind of a stepped up rendition in the duration we spend in a room. We spend a lot of time in museums and hotel rooms while touring. That’s our inspiration.

You can see some of the work Secret Wall Tattoos.

This next one is an online art gallery. It features quite a bit of contemporary art. The gallery’s own mission is unique in itself making it accessible for all.

Check out the Vintage Vandals gallery which is interesting to see how each artist rethinks or reinvents an old art piece.

The Wurst Gallery

Enjoy! Feel free to comment and let me know of other similar art projects.

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